Doctors’ study challenges drug-test plan

Doctors’ study challenges drug-test plan
Lily Man  6B (13)

In Hong Kong, there are some psychiatrists have strongly criticized the drug-testing programme about to be started in Tai Po schools, saying its effectiveness is a serious doubt and it waste lots of money. Also, it should use many times (much time) to train the specialists.

I think drug testing in Tai Po schools is a radical measure and it has many problems in there. For example, the privacy of students, trust between students, teachers and social workers. I think this test must be approached careful (carefully) and should ensure effective preserve against (avoid) victimization of students who fail the test.

Moreover, they should (have) verification and confidentiality of the positive test results. But, I think this is easier said than done, because this is a serious problem.

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12 Responses to Doctors’ study challenges drug-test plan

  1. Kit 說道:

    I think the drug test should be introduced to all companies and schools in Hong Kong.There is no point to argue that taking drugs gives no adventages but damage to ourself physically and mentally.I can hardly understand the view that the result if the test should not be transferred to the police as no one could help them if they are taking drugs privately.The policy should be introduced by legislating the law.If the aim of the policy is to stop students form taking drugs, it should never ask if the students mind.The right of privacy is being abused

  2. kairi 說道:

    Some students think that the drug tests will violate their personal rights and refuse to agree with the process. I think if you are not quilty of taking drugs, what is the harm in taking it. The government has promised that results will not be disclosed to the police, then what is all that fuss about personal rights. As teachers, I think it is neccessary to put forward the plan as soon as possible regardless of the negative voices from the public. Hong Kong have been given too much \’rights\’ and they very often \’abuse\’ it. To whatever they dont like, they would simply say that they have their personal rights. Silly.

  3. Helen 說道:

    Actually, I think every student should take the drug-testing programme.If all students have taken the test, they may not think the student who take the test is a drug addict.Besides, there is nothing to be afraid if students have not take drug.

  4. Cheuk kit 說道:

    In my opinion, I agree that the drug-testing programme detrudes at the schools. I think that this progress can help to reduce the number of people taking drug. I know that many people worry about the confidentiality of the result but if you don\’t take any drug,you don\’t need to worry this problem.

  5. Ngo Yin 說道:

    Yes I agree with Lily articles.As this programme aim is just knowing who take drug but no pulishment will be there.It won\’t scared the students and it needs to employ some people help in doing this test It is really waste the money of the citizens.

  6. Pui Ki 說道:

    To my mind, the drug-test plan is possible but not feasible at all. The drug testing\’s aim is good. It can help solving the problem of drug abuse. However,. the drug testing has not been well planned. It will waste a lot of resources, such as money. Although it seems it is a good plan, it does nothing good to Hong Kong.

  7. pui shan 說道:

    I think that drug testing should be held in all of schools in Hong Kong. Drug testing can find the students who take drug and help them to quit their habit of taking drugs. Someone says that these students have their freedom in whether taking drugs or not. However they will have mental disease, brain disease or nerves disease and increase social treatment weight if they have a drug habit for a long time.

  8. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    i think this drug testing plan is an effective way to find out drug abusers in schools. Even someone may stay at home for escape this plan. But we also need to continue too. If all students do not like learning in schools . Should we close all school?. you know the answer must be " no" even almost all student dislike this plan but it is good for them

  9. Patricia 說道:

    I think the drug testing carry in schools will have many problems and some of the students may not want to have drug test because od their privacy. Also, I think this programme is not work at all, the students who are taking drugs can just refuse to have the drug test, then nobody will know they are drug takers. So, I think this measure is not effective and need to have some improvement before it is carry out in school.

  10. puiyee 說道:

    The drug-testing programme may very efficient,it can scare away any students who want to abuse drug.Yet,I think government should consider that if one\’s result is positive,then what can we do?Does it keep secret?If not,some people might think this programme is not private.Moreover,government need to think that if discovered students to take drug,which department can help them?Is social worker enough?A lots of problems it must be managed first.

  11. miuyee 說道:

    Drug abuse is a serious problem in Hong Kong and it is being worse nowadays , a research has showed that there are 18% of student has ever tried for the drugs , and part of them are addicted. The drug test is needed now for stopping the student from abusing drugs , albeit radical , but its benefits are weight out of its drawbacks. As far as I am concerned , the drugs test should be kept and develop.

  12. ELinG 說道:

    6A Elaine Ng (18)Maybe drug testing programme have lots of problem.And many people do not support it.However,i will support this programme.It is because too many teenagers take drug in Hong Kong.Teenages are a man of great ability in our community.If we don\’t accept this problem,it will become worser and worser.So,we should have some policies to help them.But those policies can slove teenagers to stop taking drug or not.No one can make sure it.


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