Fatal Bus Crash

One killed, 35 injured in bus crash

A 17-year-old female passenger died and 35 others were injured, when a KMB 692 double-decker bus turned on its right in Tseung Kwan O. 6 people remain in critical condition.
"Some of the cuts on my head and limbs were so deep I could see the bones," he said. The boy is in intensive care at Tseung Kwan O Hospital.
The bus driver is suspected of causing death by dangerous driving. The police say they can’t rule out speeding as the cause of the tragedy. The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, said he was shocked and saddened by the fatal crash. He expressed condolences to the families of the dead girl and the injured victims.
There is a review by the KMB and Transport Department after the police complete their investigations. I hope their reviews will cover the aspect of driving attitudes that are fundamental to road safety.


What can the government do to promote higher road safety awareness among drivers?

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17 Responses to Fatal Bus Crash

  1. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    6b (4) philip i think the main reason of traffic accident is driving above the speed limit even at night . I think our government should input more resources to raise the correct driving attitude of driver .Because a lot of driver only know driving skills but not attitude

  2. Sunny Wong 說道:

    Overspeeding should be prevented.The driver should take responsibility and he shouldn\’t drive any more later on.Government should take action to prevent traffic tragedy

  3. IcE' 說道:

    This bus driver should take responsibility. He made a serious mistake. His license should be abolished.I hope every driver can drive carefully and don\’t have serious traffic accidents like this again.

  4. Ray 說道:

    I think this accident was too serious.It is because there had a people dead and 35 people hurt.At last,I hope government can put up the punishment.

  5. Bb仔 說道:

    This composition is very good and funny!I very like this composition much!I will to come out in favour of you!My name is Zank!

  6. ng 說道:

    i think that this is very sadin my opinion, traveling by bus is very safe if the driver obey the traffic rulesi will still travel by bus,i feel sad for all the passengers suffered in this casei hope that they can recover very soonalso,i think the government should help them,like giving them some subsidiesi hope there is not accident anymore6b ng wai lok

  7. 新伍 sam ng 說道:


  8. Patricia 說道:

    Everybody should drive carefully and look for the safety when driving on the road , because if you make a small mistake when you are driving , any innocent people may hurt by you and seriously affect their future life .Also , I think the one who hurt in the accident is very poor and the driver should be punished under the law and never cause serious road accident again.

  9. Angus 說道:

    Actually I think HKG can raise up the punlishment of the dangerour driving especially the public transport.Also, do more on cultivating the bus drivers.To prevent the accident, drivers should drive more carefully and obey the laws.

  10. pui shan 說道:

    I think it is important for drivers to improve their thinking of driving. Because of their careless, the accident happened. It cause some people dead and injected. I also think that the government need to do something avoid the accident happened, otherwise more accidents will happen everyday. For example, the government should set a law to prevent the car exceeding the speed limit, or deepen fine of exceeding the speed limit.

  11. Kit 說道:

    Nowadays, there are many traffic accidents. It is so common that we can find one everyday.However, it is quite scary that even the bus driver would cause such accident as it is the pubic transport.We all know that the minibus driver would like to diver faster in order to earn more money.Nevertheless, what is the reason for such an accident?Maybe it\’s due to the pressure of living in Hong Kong.Everyone can hardly keep an usual heart to do things.It is so easy to make a mistake.Therefore, such an accident is accessible but inexcusable.

  12. tommy 說道:

    i think the bus diver did a wrong things. he just want to save more time to have a rest after he finished his job. therefore he decided to over speed. i think he have tried many times but almost time he is very lucky and no accident happened. but unluckly, this time accident happen. the bus diver try to say many excuse and he want to prove he did nothing wrong. but the turth tell us the most possible is over speed. i hope all the bus diver have to take care about thier job and make sure all the passage is safty.

  13. ben 說道:

    I think the government should finds out the reason of the accident as soon as possible. Also , KMB need to maintain the safety and the quality of service. All the drivers should have the good attitude of driving , especially during at night . The bus driver have to take the responsibility to ensure the safety too .Ben Ho 6B

  14. King Fung 說道:

    I feel sad because a 17-year-old female died.I think bus drivers shoud concentrate more on drive bus.And more police patrol on the road especially at night.Bus driver should behave themself.Don\’t be illegal.

  15. Raymond 說道:

    On my opinion, the bus driver is wrong. Because of drivers should be control the speed and protect passenger who are in the transport. Education for teenagers is good for promote higher road safety awareness .

  16. ken 說道:

    Ken-Chan6B(2)I think the bus driver need to take responsibility for this accident because he drives with too high speed. It leads to the serious accident and a lot of people died in the accident . These victim\’s family are very sad and depressed . The government should inport some aid to the suffered family . They should increase the punishment of the careless bus driver .

  17. FELIX 說道:

    the driver should have a good attitude of driving,he should not drive at a too high speed,and he should think about the family of passages.unfortunately,this accident had been happened,i hope it can remind all dirvers to becareful when they dirving,and people who was die in this accident can rest in peace.



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