Singing Contest

Singing Contest
Ricky Yip

When I first joined the singing contest, I was nine years old, I was very shy and nervous because I was afraid of this kind of contest. I sang at Hing Tak School.

When I was singing the song, I saw my teachers, classmates and friends. I thought they supported me, so I wanted to be successful.

I remembered my song was “We are Together”, I can tell the lyrics now because it can remember.

Afterwards, I won the contest and they were proud of me. I thought this contest was different, because I we valuable.

My family is very worried about me because they worried my poor performance, but I lost in the contest.

The singing contest made me be confident and bold, I saw the singer very insincere, I was very optimistic, so I was not worried about the contest.

The teacher was very happy, because I won and my classmates smiled to me, I felt very well, I am going to join many singing contests, I am the No.1 in the world.

本篇發表於 S3。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

32 Responses to Singing Contest

  1. charlene 說道:

    I thing you will like class3A and welcome you to come our class!I hope you will have a good memory at this year.=)

  2. tl 說道:

    so good!This writing is very well.I think we can win the singing contest beacuse we have never give up.Martin Fong 3A 9

  3. Jeffrey 說道:

    i am very proud of you too ,because i am confident with my singing but i \’m afraid i don\’t have the couarage just like you have

  4. Mark 說道:

    I feel this singing cotest can promotion self-confident,and that this contest made me be confident and bold….so I feel this contest is good Attempt

  5. MING FAI 說道:

    you are good,because your "Singing Contest"was said first joined the contest for nine years old

  6. iu 說道:

    Oh.l have join the singing contest l feel the Singing Contest very interesting,but my class do not win.l feel sad/.\\3A12 ho ka yiu

  7. 永杰 說道:

    I think this student is right .Because I once joined singing contest I alway feel he is positive and right.

  8. Dennis 說道:

    singing contests relly can make us be confident so we should alway join a contests .friend\’s smile is very rare3A 17 Dennis

  9. 說道:

    Your behave is very good in singing contest.I very happy because I have a No.1 classmate.You very good.3A 38 Simon Yu

  10. Louis 說道:

    I think you is very optimistic because you is very hard-working to practise and you writing is vey good @Louis

  11. Brian 說道:

    Althrough we can\’t win the contest ,but we partise ,make us are friendly.In the song\’\’we are together\’\’this lyrics i think when we song we are together.

  12. 新新 說道:

    this student tell his feeling,this student feel is very positive ,he feel is right because I first goin ths sing contest is shy too.

  13. LEMON 說道:

    I look at your writings i think you like singing.=]and i think you very enjoy this singing contest…i was very enjoy too!=)

  14. LeO 說道:

    This is a good writing.I thing you a so good and this writing is very funny,and I thing we song “We are all that Together”is very well. ^_^Leo Fong 3A10

  15. siulun 說道:

    I think we all is the winner we nothing lose the Singing Contest because we was do the best at that 3A03 Chan Ngai LuN

  16. chui ying 說道:

    I think the writer is good.because the article is Singing Contest, describe is he nine years old joined Singing Contest things.3a18 leung chui ying

  17. HOI YI 說道:

    l think your writing is very good.You writing many you feel and you write your singing contest at nine years old.winnie chung

  18. 閒雜人 說道:

    I think you are bold because your first singing contest in nine year ago.When I sew "I am the No.1 in the world."I felt you are positive

  19. Unknown 說道:


  20. 小詩. 說道:

    I will support with you.Although we have to lose this time,but we not to give up.To make an extra effort.

  21. 旭達 說道:

    Ricky Yip, you are very brave,beacuse you first joined the singing contest is 9 years old.I can not singsing.

  22. Ray 說道:

    when I was Form 1,I frist joined the singing contest.I never afraid anythings that I think I must try anythings.But the conest lost too.

  23. hoyin 說道:

    Ricky Yip,you are very smart.Because you first joinedthe singing contest sang at Hing Tak School.

  24. 333 說道:

    I feel it writings is very good. Because Ricky can to write singing contest his happy write.3A35

  25. 祿祿 說道:

    when i first join the singing the contest ,i was ten year old,i also felt nervous,but i felt singing song very happy. wendy tse

  26. Neil 說道:

    am support you very much too.Since you have a lot of positive affections.I am looking forward to listen you song.I think thant will be a good Leo Li 21 3a

  27. Hok.yi 說道:

    Singing contest is so good . Are you support ? You go to Hing Tak School singing the song need very gallantry ! 3A32

  28. 麗珊 說道:

    If you realiy join many singing contests ,i would support you!\’\’ I am the No.1 in the world\’\’You will a super star3A 34

  29. in 說道:

    I feel so fun and uneasy to!but you ture we are is good because to do all one can ,i hope can good in next time! by妍

  30. hocheung 說道:

    i think you is very had many support you.i very begrudge you had many friends to support you

  31. 錦錦 說道:

    you are going to join many singing contests? I hope you can win. You in singing contest was very confident .At our class ,we are enjoyed it!

  32. 說道:

    I look your writting very good ,since I feel your happy and you so confident!!~


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