Singing Contest

Singing Contest

Mike Tsang

Our school holds a singing contest next week. Singing contest, which is held every year, is joined by every class. We sang Chinese songs in F.1 and F.2 but it is very special because we are going to sing a English song in this year.
The singing contest’s theme is English but it must be positive. We chose “We Are All In The Together” to be our song. Why did we choose this song? Because it is very easy to sing! All of the lyrics are “Together”, and it has not any difficult words, but the beat is very fast. I could not sing it at the very beginning.

Our class won the singing contest last year, we were very happy, but I know every class can take the prize, because it can make us happy and let us join it.

I hope we will win this year because if we win this year, Miss Mok will give us a coupon, and our school will give us some candies. We will sing our song next Thursday. Let us win the singing contest.

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30 Responses to Singing Contest

  1. charlene 說道:

    Other reason is the"We" is refer to our class 3A.I hope you will have a good memory at this year! =)

  2. 祿祿 說道:

    i hope we could win the singing contest in this year,but we maybe sing the song so quite.we areto try one\’s best.

  3. MING FAI 說道:

    you had said we won the singing contest last year,that was good for article !

  4. Mark 說道:

    When I knew that must sing “We Are All In The Together”…I feel very shockAt preliminary contest,We was wining…so Miss Mok will give us a coupon…I feel very happy

  5. iu 說道:

    Hehe.l feel thesinging contest is special think this song is easy,but l feel this song is very difficult.Miss Mok give a coupon is good~~~~~~~~:0)

  6. Jeffrey 說道:

    i \’m afraid i don\’t agree with you, for me i sing for our class\’s and my glory ,although finally we get nothing but i did my very best so i don\’t feel sorry at all

  7. 說道:

    Although we have not win,I very happy to join the singing contest .I satisfied of our behave.We are the No.1.3A 38 Simon Yu

  8. Dennis 說道:

    \’\’We Are All In The Together\’\’ is refer to \’\’ 3A are all in the together \’\’3A is unitive!!! Although we lost the singing contest , we won the good monent

  9. LEMON 說道:

    yes ! i argee you . this song is very easy to sing =)you want to have miss mok\’s coupon so hope we will win this year singing contest?

  10. 新新 說道:

    This student is very good because his feel is very said we are win singing conmtest,this feel is very good.

  11. tl 說道:

    I agree with you.We win the singing contest in This year beacuse we win to unite and the spirit.

  12. 永杰 說道:

    That day I joined a English singing contest.But my English the level is alway not good.So alway lose.

  13. Louis 說道:

    Singing contest a very good system can engage in meaningful activities

  14. Neil 說道:

    i feel disappointed.As i think our class is the best is the singing contest.Although we lost this contest.I think we can never give Leo Li 3A 21

  15. chui ying 說道:

    I think the writer is good.because the article is Singing Contest, describe we win the singing contest after,miss mok give us a coupon. I feel happy.

  16. HOI YI 說道:

    l think“We Are All In The Together”is not easy to sing,because the song is quickly very much.winnie chung

  17. Brian 說道:

    yes ,we all sing the engish song is the frist,so it is so diffculf,but i am enjoy in this contest

  18. MAN 說道:

    I hope we can win this singing contest too,but we losted the singing contest~We must never give up ar~

  19. 說道:

    I feel your craftsmanship so good ,to deal with this a subject okay.

  20. Unknown 說道:


  21. kiko 說道:

    Fortunately we have to train our song , otherwise we\’re didn\’t how to sing this song .although we not have won this singing contest , but we have learn to united .I\’m so happy ._.

  22. in 說道:

    This literary can give me one information,exactly talk this the singing contest is very specially,because the singing contest can give our happy and united by妍=]

  23. HoYin 說道:

    I feel the song of lyrics is very well because make me confident and I very proud you

  24. LeO 說道:

    your writing is very goodI agree to you,because we had conscientious to practise and we enjoyed the singing contest.

  25. Hok.yi 說道:

    I believed Miss Mok for the coupon is not most important, enjoys is important!! Sings the competition to refuel!! Diligently !!3A32

  26. 小詩. 說道:

    In fact,I don\’t like this song,because I think this song is not good and not pleasing to the ear,but I enjoy this Singing Contest.

  27. 麗珊 說道:

    I also find it easy to sing, this song very dynamic,very suitable for us to sing! We aer really enjoy this Singing Contest.

  28. 旭達 說道:

    Sings competes, we the greatest endeavor, had already been possible not to be able to attain the champion. Your thesis writes good, has the progress space.

  29. hocheung 說道:

    I think we can win the singing contest,but we were to lose.i feel disappointed.i think singing contest can make me to be confident

  30. 錦錦 說道:

    Athought we were lost a singing contest last muth, but the singing contest were funny,I am enjoyed it very much.


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