Service Learning

Service Learning

Simon Yu

On October, I had a special function, I had to go to Hing Tak School to read a story with primary 5 students, it was my first time to read story with other people, I was very nervous because I worried primary 5 students didn’t like me.

My story was “Healthy Eating”, I finished my book, it was interesting, I thought primary 5 students would like it. That day, I went Hing Tak School, I would start yo read story to primary 5 students. I looked at my target, she was a little girl, I thought I was lucky, since a girl was more quiet that a boy. I could read story with her very easily, it was a good start.

The girl was little but she was smart, her name was Shirley, it was a good name, I finished the story very fast but she could understand what I talked about, if I asked her any question, she could answer me in the right way. When she answered correctly, I gave her my sweets, however, my sweets are not enough.

Last week, I went to Hing Tak School, I looked forward to reading story with Shirley, but I got a message, Shirley did not come to school / What could I do? I just could look at other people read story, but it was interesting too. I could see how other people read the story, this was better than reading the story.

本篇發表於 S3。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

30 Responses to Service Learning

  1. 閒雜人 說道:

    Your story book looks like very good.I went watch your story very much.Can you borrow your story book to me? 3A29Mike Tsang

  2. kiko 說道:

    Apparently the little girl (Shirley) was attentiveness studies very seldom!!!! ._.

  3. hoyin 說道:

    Simon Yu,you are very samrt.Beacuse you can went to Hing Tak School read storyto student.I hope went to shool read a story.

  4. charlene 說道:

    your story book looks interesting!my story book is "what happened Little Red"Do you like my story?

  5. 說道:

    I feel you very benevolent and your writing techniques verygood but your writing techniques can get ahead,to make an extra effort!~

  6. Louis 說道:

    I think your book is it was interesting but your sweets are not enough is are nit good thinks. @Louis

  7. MAN 說道:

    It was my first time to read story with other people too,so i was very nervous ~But i think a girl was more noise that a boy\’\’and my sweets are not enough too \’\’i need more sweets~

  8. 旭達 說道:

    Simon Yu,you are very brave,beacuse you go to Hing Tak School to read story to students.I hope me can brave beacuse can do more thing.

  9. HoYin 說道:

    I feel Simon Yu is very popular writer and I very proud . You can write more than primary 5 students .I feel you is great.

  10. 祿祿 說道:

    i also had a special function in Thurday ,i think the students are vigorou and friendly.I think your students are vigorou. I see your students are not hear with you.wendy tse

  11. MING FAI 說道:

    you had said your book name and your student ,it can made people like read your article!

  12. Brian 說道:

    I think in this service learning very well,we are learning many thing,i am grudge with you because i read to a boy,my boy is smart too.

  13. iu 說道:

    Simon Yu~~~l join a service learning too. My group was two boy.They were clumsy,but l teach they feel happy:0)3A12 ho ka yiu

  14. Mark 說道:

    I feel same the elementary school student is very smartbecause my group student can ask me my question…so they are clever

  15. Jeffrey 說道:

    oh man !i think you are very enjoy to "read" with girl . hehe anyway i think you have a talent to read story for primary students

  16. siulun 說道:

    You are very lucky because i was reading the book to many naughty boybut this "special function" was giving me to learn some communicative competence

  17. LEMON 說道:

    you look like very enjoy to read a story with primary 5 students!=]i want to try this activities too =]

  18. tl 說道:

    right!In Hing Tak School student is very cute and nice.Spare time I will charge the book read.

  19. 永杰 說道:

    I feel his book is very healthy because the book tell poeple eating healthy such as not eat many sweets this very good.

  20. Hok.yi 說道:

    Anxious is certain, nobody is not anxious, you very lucky, your goal is a girl, refuels!! Must have self-confidently!! 3A32

  21. 小詩. 說道:

    You are very good!!I support with you!!I think this is a good start.To make an extra effort.

  22. HOI YI 說道:

    I think your book should be a very interesting story book and l think the little girl will be enjoy reading a story with you very much

  23. chui ying 說道:

    I think the writer is good.because the article is Service Learning, describe go to primary school to read a story and primary school is things.

  24. Unknown 說道:

    many girl are very smart,i think u are the best service!!

  25. 麗珊 說道:

    This girl is very clever! I am not Service Learning , so I do not go to Hing Tak School but I feel Service Learning is very happy

  26. hocheung 說道:

    I think you is good boy,because you is volunteer to teach primary 5 students read book. I had to take part in this function.I think you is confident.

  27. in 說道:

    I think in this activities ,the girl is very good,granted have small girl but everyone have to develop cooperation spirit,so is very good! 3a23

  28. Dennis 說道:

    You are so lucky . Your team menber most clever than my team menber.My team not konw my said evry time …..

  29. 錦錦 說道:

    You writing is so good ,I love your writing so much.I hope your primary 5 students will like you. 3A33

  30. Mark 說道:

    Now…your team have a bad boy!!!i think you feel very tried for him…Before…I am this boy team mater….I though so hard to teach him….You don\’t worry…f.3 life fast to finish!!!


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