Service Learning

Service Learning

Tse Pui Wing

I joined service learning to help student to read interesting story. First, I take the taxi to their school, I go to their school every Thursday, but I was not going their school every month, I go to their school after school and their school name is Hing Tak School.

Then, I will tell them what I have learnt I tell English story, I thought my story was difficult, so I and scared to tell the story, my students were friendly and funny, they always made me laugh, so I like them, This service learning could help me English, Now I speak English better than before.

Next, I will tell what my target is wanted, my target is to help me improve English and my students are funny and happy, I hope Hing Tak School’s students are funny I help their English, I hoped P.5 students and I can become friends, I hope I can have more friends.

Finally, I want to tell why I was nervous, I was nervous because I forgot how to speak the English words so I worried how they would think about me.

本篇發表於 S3。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

21 Responses to Service Learning

  1. hiu tung 說道:

    I thing your article was well . And I saw your article after , I thing join it too because I thing it is very interesting.

  2. 錦錦 說道:

    I hope you can speak English better than before.Your writings is funny and interesting,I like your very much. 3A Wong Kam Ying (33)

  3. charlene 說道:

    You are very hard to read the story book , I think you will have are good memory! =)

  4. 閒雜人 說道:

    How can you help their English?Can you "help" my English too?My English is very bad 3A29 Mike Tsang

  5. 麗珊 說道:

    I felt that you is very kind and funny .\’\’Now I speak English better than before\’\’Your leisure time please to teach me Enghaha~ 3A wonglaishan

  6. MING FAI 說道:

    I feel you are clever girl , you said "I thought my story was difficult " you can find teachers help you

  7. iu 說道:

    Service learning is a good exercise.3A12 ho ka yiu

  8. Louis 說道:

    You join the service department a good meaningful activities so i support you

  9. Hok.yi 說道:

    Goes to Hing the Tak school is a very good training, refuels!! Do not be anxious, must have self-confidently!! 3A32

  10. 小詩. 說道:

    I will to make an extra effort with you.Need not nervous,because practice makes perfect.I think the child ought to well-behaved.

  11. Mark 說道:

    I feel this survey learning is Regarding our study has the help…because it Activity can promotion our self-confidence

  12. chui ying 說道:

    I think the writer is good.because the article is Service Learning, describe go to primary school to read a story and her forgot to speak English words .

  13. HOI YI 說道:

    l think the students will like you too because you and they get along very well. I also hope that you can become good friends with them

  14. Unknown 說道:

    dont anxious!!sinceyour english is must have more confident to yourself!!

  15. 旭達 說道:

    Wendy,you are very brave, because you have courage tell the story with the child. But I actually do not have the guts to go to tell the story with the child. I thought that you are very brave. Your article studies well, has the progress space.

  16. hocheung 說道:

    I think the function is good activities, because you can to practice your English and teach primary 5 student read book.

  17. HoYin 說道:

    I feel it is hunny too. You can go to Service Learning is very lucky . I will support you every day and speak the English with you

  18. in 說道:

    o~ so funny ,but the story is very difficulties ,don\’t nervous talk more accustomed i hope you can bold. 3a23

  19. Brian 說道:

    You say you are nervous because forgot how to speak the English words ,my boy is don\’t to read the verb.if i didn\’t know i will speak the voice about the verb,i think it can help you when you didn\’t know how to speak verb.

  20. Dennis 說道:

    service learning can make some friends ?i can not do it . you are so popular.English book is so funny, P.5 student relly like the story

  21. 說道:

    I think you speak English story book is so happy and I look your writting is OK .I hope you next speak English story book not nervous.


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