5A Ng Kei Kit
1,000 journalists marchsed in the Philippines to protest the massacre which the thieves killed 57 civilians including at least 30journalists.It is the biggest attach on the madia.The malitary haf found 21 humen corpses.
  4survivors said that they heart secretly the peaceful handkerchief Toon family member’s dialogue,confirmed Ma Jingda agate province province Chang An handkerchief Toon and 2 sons were planned kidnapping secretly the evil behind-the-scenes manipulator.
  The reason of this attack is the man who is the king in the southern Philippines.Then,hewanted to help his son to win an election.
   After the killers killed the hostages,the government announced local two provinces enter the emergency,an police office is referred to involve kidnapping to remove from office.
  Although the man is a friends of the president of Philippines,Ithink that the Philippines government should handle this matter seriously since if the government can’t deal with this matter seriously,then many people will object the government policy.In a Long-term,it will affect the president election.
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One Response to newspaper

  1. Hang wai 說道:

    There is no doubt that it is cruel for us to see the journalists was killed by the southern Philippines.I think that the Philippines government should take the action and handle this serious event carefully as well as it is miserable for us to see this situation . Last , i think that we should treasure our life.


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