Journalists protest massacre in Philippines

Journalists protest massacre in Philippines
5A Ng Wing Cho

There was a tragedy in The Philippines that was a carnage in the south Philippines of 57 civilians , including at least 30 journalists. It fully shows the democratic problem. Hence, it triggered this massacre.

      To a certain extent, there are many problems after the Second World War. The most serious hassle is the democratic progress since it involves the human right and freedom. Nowadays, it is still the subject of debate .Thus, It effectuated a turbulence. It is time for us to sustain peace. Otherwise, it may cause The Third World War.

       It poses a threat in The Philippines. In fact, The USA occupied The Philippines from 1898 to 1946. Although The Philippines stands alone , there are plenty of social problems that are insurmountable. Thence, it caused the dangerous conflict.

       Generally speaking, democracy is an obstacle in The Philippines .Therefore, the government must tackle it and mitigate the panic.

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4 Responses to Journalists protest massacre in Philippines

  1. ShukYee 說道:

    You are right. It is miserable that journalists were killed by the terrorists. We can see that the government don\’t make an effective precausion for aganisting this happened tragedy. As we all know that the rebellion always occurs in Southeast Asian. Nevertheness, such a brutish massacre is the first matter that appearing in the Philippines. In my suggestion, the local government should take their awareness to fight aganist this horrific massacre. Besides, setting some laws to guard or provide against this carnage.

  2. Ka Chun 說道:

    i agree with is a very bad news to hear about it since 57 civilians and at least 30 journalists were kill. in my view, i think that the government should increase the number of soldier. also the government should increase the soldier\’s patrol time and soldier\’s patrol places. i think these tactic can hel.p the situation in the south Philippines .5B 36 YIU KA CHUN

  3. ka kit 說道:

    What a mess in the Philippines! In my view, all Arroyo should do in the moment is to appease the vigorous emotion of the journalists lest they upgrade the protest into a war.To aim this, the killer must be caught and vetted as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the Philippine government should give a helping hand to those victims\’ family which, perhaps, has lost the chief support in economy. Lastly, may the incident be put to rest soon.

  4. Li Ho Chun 說道:

    There\’s a carnage in Philippines. What a shame! In my point of view, the laws of the Philippines are too strict that the people cannot have any freedom. The policies are also the main factor which leads to a carnage. Anyway, if the government didn\’t take action promptly, I\’m sure it would lead to fester. They need democracy and freedom. In order to get rid of the The Third World War. in the future, we should all promote peace to all around the world


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