Journalists protest massacre in Philippines

Journalists protest massacre in Philippines
5B Sin Ho Pui

I think that this massacre was a very sorrowful incident in Philippines. It was because many civilians died in the massacre Also, the massacre included at least 30 journalists and their staff. I think that the amount of the victims is unacceptable. And, this is a very terrible thing in the world.

Basically, I think that the country has a freedom of political expression. For example, I think that The United States Of America has a freedom of this. The government allows the civilians to release their opinions. The society has a good development on the media. Since the civilians can release their opinions on the media very easily. However, I think that the government is unfair. It is because the journalists only want to cover the local politician. They only want to know the result. But, they met the attack. I think that this would disturb the freedom of political expression in the Philippines. Since the journalists cannot report the news very clearly. They would lose their freedom because of the news. So, I think that this is a good example for journalists to learn.

Finally, I hope that the Philippines’ government should improve this situation since this can protect their image in the world.

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