Journalists protect massacre in Philippines

Journalists protect massacre in Philippines
5D Ho Wing Hong

I support the journalists to do this protest because massacre is an inhuman and serious behavior in the human history.

In history, there were a lot of massacres because there were wars between countries and countries. Then, they needed to kill some men or youngers to ensure that they didn’t threaten them. However, these kinds of inhuman behaviors do not need now because there are no wars. The world is peaceful. However, when I read this article, I notice that human is foolish. The massacre happened in Philippines and killed 57 people, including some journalists. They are not prisoners. Why can they kill them? It is a foolish action. Killing people is an unforgivable action. I cannot forgive them.

All in all, I think that it is an unforgivable and serious action. We need to have introspection. Thinking why we need to kill people? Why not gather our power to solve the problem, such as global warming? It needs our power.

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3 Responses to Journalists protect massacre in Philippines

  1. yan yi 說道:

    l also agree with you . The journalists have the right to reveal the real society problems as they have the freedom to express their opinion . therefore , lt is too cruel and unfair to kill the journalists . also , journalists are not criminal so lt is so foolish to threaten them . l think that it is an unaccptable action . and we need someone the fight against these .

  2. KENGMAN 說道:

    It is a fact that massacre is a cruel . After l leard this news , l not only felt very unhappy but also felt angry .Due to the fact that how can a human do such thing , which is no difference as cruel beasts. It was unbelivable . And , l totally agree that gather our power to solve the problem . Because it willbe more easier to deal with the problem with the concerted effort . In addition , It is no denying that journalists are resposible for telling us the truth .

  3. Vicki 說道:

    I also think that massacre is a cruel behavior. I do not know why they do this kind of things. No one in the world can accept this action of killing people unreasonably. If they have their reason of killing them, fine. I am OK. However, when I read this news, they do not have any reason. So, I also support the journalists.


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