English Song

English Song
5D Allen Lau
‘I Like Singing English Song’
  I love singing since I can express my feeling by singing without talking to someone. The words in the song can be very meaningful too. Therefore if we can love singing the English Song and you will always sing about English , then it can improve our English speaking skill. Also , if you are interested in a song , you will want to know the meaning of the words. Then you can also learn the spelling of some new words which you haven’t known yet. You can not only learning things form singing english song , but also can develop confident by singing song in a stage. Moreover , when you go to sing Karaoke with you friends , if you sing very well , they will admire you very much. I think the feeling of the sense of pride is very good. 
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22 Responses to English Song

  1. cho yiu 說道:

    I agree with you. The song con express the singer feeling and it may have some meaning behind the song. In the song, you can know more words which can improve our English. Hence, singing can also gain many benefits. Then, song can be a tool of teaching the English.

  2. WonG 說道:

    I totally agree with you. In my opionin, I also think that singing English song not only can express our emotions but also learn the words from the songs.Moreover, singing Enghlish songs can be a positive interest for us. When we feel tired, we can sing or listen the music to reduce the stress. Additionally, we learn more Enghlish words from the songs which can improve our academic performance in English suject. Also, I can kill the time through singing songs.

  3. wai shun 說道:

    I totally agree with you. Singing song can develop confident and know more words but it stil have the draw back which is very annoying. If someone love to sing song in the lesson, it will bother others who want to focus on the lesson. And this happened on me, the one who sit behind me song all the time. Although his voice is not bad, it make me can\’t listen what are the teacher is taking about.

  4. Chiron 說道:

    so do i. i love English songs too. i love band songs and it makes me feel something unique. u cant find something feeling like band song within Chinese song. since i was form 3, i started listen to English song and i felt like finding somewhere i ought to be. music also dominates my emotion, that is no doubt i believe.

  5. Tam ka ho 說道:

    I absolutely agree with you. Because of the fact that singing english songs can enhance our spoken english since there are many vocabularies in the english songs.Moveover,when we sing the english songs,we can improve our confident and interpersonal skill, let us get close to others and make friends easily. In addition,singing english songs can let us release stress,and get rid of tension,it\’s good for our health.

  6. KA YEE 說道:

    I very much like to hear you sing, because you are always so heart to sing, so you have to keep singing. Yes, listen to English songs are really very useful for our students not only learn words, and relax our mind and encourage others. In fact, English songs and the mood inside is very beautiful, but also very melodic style, with the notes, in fact, which also includes a lot of classical musicians, so it can be said to be a great enjoyment of our ears. Music can either cultivate our sentiments, but also to carry out our internal culture and cultivation, so many young people because of the time to listen to.

  7. Sarina 說道:

    Personally,I totally agree that sing english songs is a good way to improve our English.In my opinion,it is very important to learn English in a interesting way,so,it would be definitely a brilliant idea to incorporate english with songs.Moreover,singing English song can embark our interest to understand the meaning of the vocabulary,so it can broaden our words in a silent way.

  8. long ching 說道:

    You are right!In fact,English song is more meaning than the song which composed in Hong Kong.The lyris are good and the melodies are fashionable.We can release our emotion through singing the song.The most important thing is that we can listen to the pronunciation and recall our voacbs which we had learnt in the English lesson.That is the best method for us to improve our English!

  9. Ka Nok 說道:

    REALLY?according to your own personally view, you felt that your friends admire you while you are singing. WOW! As one of your classmate, sit near to you, i start feeling uncontrol to swing my legs because of your voice!!In fact, i almost enjoy listening to you if it is dead air. I have been a musical instrument player since i was 8year-old and i play both chinese and westen stuffs. It must has some technical skills for listener to learn in order to deduce the accurate background well. Especially performers, we sometimes need to listen to same highlights a hundredtimes! Besides, singing and performance are two different arts.

  10. wong 說道:

    It absolutely is right. The one of ways to express our feeling must be singing songs. And English songs are very brilliant and meaningful. We can tell our feeling to the other people through singing songs. In addition, singing english songs not only can improve our knowledge but also can make us realise the meaning of the lyrics. So, we can speak english fluently. Also, it is also a good way to say love to your lover since english songs are romantic or rock & roll. So, we love to sing the love song to our lover.

  11. Ka Ho 說道:

    I agree with you, i also think that singing english songs can improve our eglish.it is because the english songs is about a story, and you can learn some skill of writting.The word in the song is a good way to learn. alos, you can know the meaning of the songs and that can be of for your reading skill.so,it is a good way to learn too

  12. Wai Chiu 說道:

    Yes, I agree with you too. And then I think english songs express the feeling of the editor easlier than chinese songs. Also I like many western singers because their sound are so perceptive like the Backstreet Boys, Akon, Craig David and so on. Apart from their sound, when I listen the sonds I will also check the dictionary too for look up some words which I don\’t know them. That\’s why I like english songs.

  13. Manchi 說道:

    I agree with you. It is because I love to hear english song . Listen to more english song can also improve my english skill. So, I think that people should sing and listen to more english song. Also, we can learn some new word and improve our singing skill. So, I agree with you.

  14. In 說道:

    It is true that songs can express people\’s feelings and even affect their emotions because of the fact that different melodies will express various feelings. When people are enjoying the music, their emotion can be changed gradually. Listening to songs is a essential part of my daily life which helps me to relax as absolute music can bring me to a world that is filled with fantasy. Of cause, listening pop songs can also achieve this since the stories that are in the songs can give people a chance to experience different emotions in other conditions.

  15. YICHING 說道:

    I extremely agree with you.I like to liseten english music because I think that the feeling of english songs are authentic than the chinese songs.Moreover,i think that singing song can help us to express ourself when we have something which do not talk with other.In addition,I think that if you sing very well,singing will become your talent.

  16. 世熙 說道:

    yeah i I extremely agree with you.I love to hear english song . we can say the emotion of us with some simple word the most importance is to improve the english

  17. chan 說道:

    I totally agree with you. I like listening English music ,also singing English music. There is no doubt that we can enhance our english through listeningand singing english songs. Take myself for an example, i had learnt some vocabularies when i sang english songs. I remember these words easier when i sang the song. Hence, i regard that english songs are advantagous for students to learn english.

  18. ChaRles 說道:

    i definitely agree as i love singing too. not only had we can expressed our emotion, we also can learn english word though singing english song. additionally, it can be a skill if you want to be a international singer in the future.

  19. Yee Lin 說道:

    I agree with you .Singing English song actually can improve our english. We can find a interest in English. Singing Enlish also can express our emotions. Many of them are very meaningful. the words are very beutiful. So,i also very like Singing English Song.

  20. hoiwai 說道:

    5D 3 Chow hoi waiI completely agree with that singing can express one\’s feeling directly.And if you like some singing English song, you can absolutely enhance your English ability unconciously.That is to say,your English will be improved through your interest.It is incomparable.Moreover,you sing really quite good.But, I don\’t want to listen it during the lessons.

  21. Bb仔 說道:

    3A Zank (24) My name is Zank!I think this composition idead is very good and funny!I very like this composition much!I will to come out in favour of you!I sure you can do very well!

  22. Lhyi's babyت 說道:

    I agree with you. Singing is a hobby. Not only that, but also it can improve your speaking skill. It also can express your feeling when you cannot find anyone as a companier. I think that if you have problems, you can tell us throght various kinds of ways which you like, such as singing,paintingetc. It is just that whatever you like. LIHOYI-5C.



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