TV clips may get nod for net

TV clips may get nod for net

Wong Shuk Yee
Nowadays, many types of TV programmes are uploaded illegally.  Some people record the TV episodes in order to upload them on the internet to share with the audience.  Nonetheness, their conduct will affect the production company severely which threatens the wages of employees in that company.  It is brutal of them to record the faked TV episodes.

     Consequently, TVB sets up an area which is "MyTV" to povide played episodes daily so as to prevent wrongful people to continue recording the TV episodes.  Accidentally, TVB makes the greater impact and the result attracts the audience to watch the series lawfully.  In the past, many people would upload a 40-second clip from a 40-part TV series on the internet.  Recently, they stop doing that crazy behavior and turn to watch the series on "MyTV" owing to the fact that the people start to realize that TVB has the right of the copyright owner.

     To sum up, people ought to take their awareness to avoid watching the faked TV series and uploading the recorded TV series.  Since they will be arrested by the Customs , they will influence their whole life in the future.  I expect that people can remind themselves not uploading the TV episodes and watching them. 

     What is your opinion about the people upload the faked TV series on the internet?

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6 Responses to TV clips may get nod for net

  1. chan 說道:

    I think that TVB is making a good start on against the faked TV series. Why do people download the TV episodes illegally / It is easy to answer. It is because they don\’t want to wait for the TV episodes DVDs for a long time , and then buy it in a expensive price. Therefore , if the production company can provide the played TV pragammes , people will not download the faked TV series anymore. Yet, there is stiil risk of people downloading the faked film. Thus , i regard that the ultimate method of easing people donwloading TV series or films is that the production company should reduce the price of the CDs and DVDs. As a result , people will be willing to buy them abd they willnot donwload them unlawfully.

  2. Chiron 說道:

    WOW!!! that is a big good news!!! u know, everyone have to go working or to school everyday and that makes us miss the broadcast in TV. So, if TV clips get nod in net, that will be really convenient for us. we can watch what we missed anytime. I always log in the \’My TV\’, that is a site offering review of TV show. That\’s useful!!!!

  3. Ka Chun 說道:

    ya …this is ture."MyTv" is very useful when we are busy or miss the chance to watch those TV episodes.And it is good to know that people start to realize that tvb has the right of the copyright owner.In my view, i think that we should promote "mytv" to others. And drcrease the numbers of illegal download.

  4. YICHING 說道:

    First,I think that \’\’MyTV\’\’ is the good start to TV production.Also TVB has the great contribution to all audience.In addition,I agree that people upload the faked TV series on the interent because of the fact that many people are busy.They should go to work or to school.When they come back home,they will feel tired so they will go to sleep.They will miss the tv programe as well. Therefore ,I agree people upload the faked TV series on the internet.When people have time, they can go to internet.It is very convenient.

  5. KA YEE 說道:

    Illegal upload videos, not only affect the subsequent life and will be involved in illegal acts, including violations of copyright and trademark, therefore, qualified to be a law-abiding citizens should be reminded constantly remind ourselves not to do harm to society and their own future things, to create a law-abiding abide by rules of the social environment.

  6. Hang wai 說道:

    Actully,downloading the episode is a downside.Because the screenwriter make it hardly and the TV company to put much money into a series of TV episodes.On the other hand,because the tv programmes are protected by copyright , we must not touch the lawsuit.Thus,we better purchase the legal TV CD in the CD shop.Additionally,we can watch the Tv programme in "MY TV" .It is legal and safe .we just click on our mouse and we can enjoy the tv everywhere.


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