A new Nutrition Labelling Scheme

A new Nutrition Labelling Scheme
Li Ho Chun
     A new Nutrition Labelling Scheme will come into effect in 2010 . That time , each pre-packaged food product which will be sold in the market will have a nutritional label . The aim of this new scheme is to avoid misleading information in the hope of making informed choices about the food we eat .

     Basically , consumers will know more about the nutrition of the snacks in details . thus , they can make a wise decision of selecting healthier food among different variety of food sold in the market . Moreover , the people who are not willing to pack on the pounds can also moderate the amount of consuming junk food .

     However , looking at the bigger picture , will this new scheme really help people moderate the consumption of the snacks ? The most vital thing is " Eat Less " .

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2 Responses to A new Nutrition Labelling Scheme

  1. In 說道:

    It would be a good news for the general because of the fact that most of the people buy food base on the label and choose the suitable one in order to balance their daily meals. However, lots of corperations always give the wrong information so that they can earn more by making use on people\’s psychology. After the bringing out of the new system, the more reliable labels will guide the consumer to make a correct decision.

  2. Ka Nok 說道:

    NEW nutrition labeling scheme aims at people being aware of eating. For now, people are cleverer than before since they\’d reached lots of these information, why they need to stay healthy by meals or what the importance of choosing right food. Such as talks by nutritionists, AD by governors, brochure by some company, etc. We knew all the things which is related to food in fact. We still treat the nutrition of the food because of our desire afterwards. For example, we love eating treats as it\’s tasty. We can\’t care the consequence too much because we just want to take pressure off, whatever it is salty, oily, something like these. As a result, this label isn\’t useful for the clevers. It\’s for customers to get more hints of the product so as to be smart. Will it benifit us much? I don\’t think so.



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