Labels of healthy living

Labels of healthy living
Vicki Tam

    A New Nutrition Labelling Scheme will come into effect on July 1, 2010.  Under the scheme, most packaged food products for sale in Hong Kong will have a nutritional label. 

    In my opinion, I support this scheme since this can change our unhealthy life style.  Nowadays, Hongkongers always eat fast food because of their work.  In addition, we eat a lot of snacks but we do not know the ingredient.  The purpose of this scheme is to get rid of misleading information on food package so that we can make informed choices about the food we eat. 

    Besides, many teenagers get obesity and high blood pressure earlier than before.  I hope that this program can have a great result.  Also, I think the government should popularize this scheme and the nutrition label.   In fact, the Hongkongers do not do exercise and sports.  So, the citizens also should have more exercise in their lives too.



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11 Responses to Labels of healthy living

  1. KENGMAN 說道:

    A New Nutrition Labelling Scheme is a good policy since we can find out the components of goods which we buy . To my worrying , there will be some fake Labels which would mislead the client to choose goods wrongly. Therefore , we should identify and distinguish the goods wisely .And we should not believe the labels of goods at all .We should use our wisdom to thinking of it . In addition , we should pay more attention to our lifestyles , to live healthy and balance .

  2. KA YEE 說道:

    Yes, the daily lives of people of Hong Kong have become quite the hurry and unhealthy. Members of the public often have to ignore the material inside the composition and nutrition, which lead to physical health deteriorated. Therefore, the public should do more for the sake of their health, in order to have a healthy life, it should be a good attention to food labels.

  3. Sarina 說道:

    I think add a nutrition label on the packaged food is very useful and pragmatic.In today\’s world,people are living a busy life which means that most of them don\’t have adequate time to choose healthy food carefully.Therefore,I think that the nutrition label can benefit our life a lot on the ground that we no longer need to be confused by the component of the food.Moreover,a nutrition lable can absolutely raise people\’s awareness about healthy eating,so,adding a nutrition lable is definitely a brilliant idea.

  4. yan yi 說道:

    Based on the increased of obesity of the hong kong teenagers , lt is no doubt that the hong kong government should add a nutrition label on the packaged food products . nowadays , many people have a very unhealthy lifestyle as they always buy the food they want which had contain lots of harmful substances such as fat , oil and sugar . thus , lf the government can reveal this bad side to the public , they can know how to own a healthy lifestyle .

  5. wong 說道:

    In fact, hongkongers eat too much oily food because it is a convenient and fast way for them to eat. Also, the taste is delicious so teenagers and business men love to eat fast food. In addition, due to the fact that they are so busy to have a time to eat lunch. So, the problem of their health is more serious. So, i absolutely agree that campaign.

  6. CanSeeYou 說道:

    HoWingHong5D(6)I think that you are right .It is because based on some survey, a lot of food are contented a lot of unhealthy things, such as oil or fat. There are too much oil and fat. They will make the eaters\’ body to be week. However , why the teenagers love eating fast food? It is because it is the way of the businessman to sale their products. So, labeling the food is very important for us thought the fast food cannot be marked.

  7. 世熙 說道:

    yes i also argee with you since it can show us about the combination of the foods we can eat it with security and realize that if there are some substances which can cause us to be allergic we will not aceept it

  8. WonG 說道:

    Wong Hiu Ling In my opinion, A New Nutrition Labelling Scheme is a effective measure for us since we can konw the ingredient of the food. If people follow the label to make a healthy diet, they will more healthier. Additionally, people not only consider what they eat but also do exercise regularly. Therefore, people having a healthy life.

  9. ka kit 說道:

    Truely the scheme can more or less help the consumers build a healthier eating habbit when they can find out more details for what is going to be taken in by having a glance on the so call "New Nutrition Labelling". However, will it be very effective? Under no circumstances do I nod. Firstly, I don\’t think there will be quite a number of people pay attention to the label. Come on, customers care the prices rather than the nutritional value. Besides, will an ordinary person who didn\’t study in science have such knownledge on the aspect of diet or chemicals? I do believe there is a large number of people don\’t know what "saturated fat" stands for, some even don\’t recognize the word "sodium" on the label represents table salt.

  10. Manchi 說道:

    Tam Man Chi5B 27I think tht it is very good. It is because packaged food with a nutritional label can help people to choose the product they need. It is because they will know which ingredient are added inside the packaged food. Some people with diabetes and heart problem can choose something that suit them. So, I think that it is good to have nutritional label on packaged food.

  11. 智華 說道:

    5A Lin Chi Wa(16)I think that having a new nutrition labelling scheme is a good idea, but I think that the government is too late to have a new nutrition labelling scheme, because many food or drinks always said that they are low of fat and high calcium. but, it is a lie. It causes many people feel immensely bothered and angry. so, I think that having a new nutrition labelling scheme is a good idea.


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