Chan Wai Chiu
I totally agree that Macau should continue battle against anti-graft. It is because Macau government launches many tactics which benfit Macau. But I think Macau government does not fight against with anti-graft seriously. It is because I have a uncle who lives in Macau is a leader of the fire station. One time, he said that if you want to get into the university, you have two ways to get in. One is reading hard. Second is giving the principal some money. Since I heard that , I knew that Macau’s anti-graft is a serious problem. So I think Macau should keep up anti-graft fight
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9 Responses to Blog

  1. Ho Pui 說道:

    I totally agree with you. It is becuase nowadays some newspapers often have some news about the Macau\’s anti-graft. I knew that some of them are very serious. But, I never watch the news on the TV. I think that when the government receives some reports about it, the government will not report the news to the public immediately. So, I think that the government should improve the situation. I think that this is important for Macau.(Sin Ho Pui)

  2. Tam ka ho 說道:

    I agree with you. Corruption is a big problem in mainland china.If the society want to stay in harmony and prosperity,it must put an end to corruption。Moreover, I think the Macau\’s government should reinforce the measure to deal with the graft in order to return the better tomorrow for the residents。

  3. Nocturnes 說道:

    Ng w Cho.Yes. You are right. Nowadays, grafting is serious in everywhere. It is an enormous disaster problem. It poses a threat in our world. For example, official monopolize the revenue and help the businessmen . As a result, many poor guides will be the victim since they did not have their salary regularly. They did not have sufficient allowance and welfare. Thus, it is a time for us to prohibit the grafting.

  4. 智華 說道:

    Lin Chi Wa 5A (16)Yas. I agree with you. Nowaday, many places have this problem, I think that China is one of the most serious country in the world. Many people who are working in the government, they always grafting. It makes many people in chinese feeling very sad and angry, so I think that the government must fight against the anti-graft.

  5. Long Ching 說道:

    Yes,it is important for Macau to fight against anti-graft.You had already mentioned that if we give money to the U\’s principal,we can study at U.It is not only unfair but also morally wrong.If we don\’t ease it,the quality of student who study in Macau will low down the grade at U since they study at institution without real potential.

  6. hoiwai 說道:

    5D 3 chowhoiwai Definitely! There is no doubt that Macau ought to fight against with the corruption problems owing to the fact that it will generate a mountain of underlying consequences as long as the government don’t make some efficient measures. For instance, just like you say, students will use the fastest approach to go to university by using money to bribe the principals.

  7. ChaRles 說道:

    I definiteli agree with you. Anti-graft is a serious problem and behaviour in the would, not only in Macau. It is extremely that it will be unfair if it exsist. Furthermore, your uncle\’s statement can indicate that Macau totally have this problem. Therefore, I support and agree that Macau should keep up anti-graft fight too!

  8. Ka Ho 說道:

    I agree with you, i think that there are many cases of that exept Macau.people will only think that their benfit and their,it is so common to know that Macau have there serious problem.therefore,it aims that if you have money,you can have many benfit.


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