TV trap

TV trap

Michelle Chan

  In Hong Kong, I think that the most popular home entertainment is watching TV. As you know, Hong Kong people are very hectic because of their study or work. Therefore, they do not have much time to relax themselves. After schoolwork or work, Hong Kong people already have no energy to play. As a result, they will stay home and sit on the sofa watching TV. There are a variety of TV programs for them to select. Gradually, they will be addicted to television. Moreover, they will want to catch the episodes.

  However, watching too much TV will lead to some potential side effects. For students, if they watch too much TV, they may get short-sight or eye strain. Additionally, they will neglect their homework due to watching the TV programmer. For adult, they may not exercise owing to the fact that they spend all the time on watching TV. Also, they may be fat since they sit on the sofa for a long time without movement. Watching too much TV also will affect their communication with their families. If a family lacks of communication, their relationship will be ruined.

  In a nutshell, watching TV is a good entertainment when we feel dull at home. Besides, watching TV also can help us to relax our anxious emotion. But if we watch too much TV, it may be harmful to us. Thus, we need to control ourselves in order not to be obsessed with the TV.

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21 Responses to TV trap

  1. Ho Pui 說道:

    I agree with you. It is because nowadays the most popular home entertainment is watching TV. Also, many people think that the TV programmes are very interesting. This can help them to reduce their pressure. However, I think that watching too much TV will affect their health. It is because they sit on the sofa for a long time without movement. So, they may be fat. Finally, I think that watching TV is a good entertainment for us. (Sin Ho Pui)

  2. WonG 說道:

    Yes. It is obvious that people will feel relaxed whe they watching television which is a kind of intertainment. On the other hand, watching television is not toally bad habbit.However, it also have benefit from watching TV. For examle, while someone watches TV, he/she will learn more different cultures or konwledge. Obviously, it cannot learn from the text books. In short, people should manage time to watch TV. Therefore, we will not addict to television.

  3. CanSeeYou 說道:

    5D Ho Wing HongI don\’t think that you are right. It is because I don\’t think that watching TV can make me to be relaxed and I have not seen TV since I was F.2. However, I have tied in watching anime(cartoon from Japan). When I open my computer , the main reason is to download anime from the net to my computer HD. I also know some people who also like me. They also cannot live without watching a anime once a day.

  4. Vicki 說道:

    I totally agree with your view. Nowadays, HongKong\’s people always watch TV programs and show. However, they are now addicting into TV. They cannot live without a television. Everyone must have a television in their home. As me, I also watch TV if I finish my studying in History or Chinese. It is because I can be relaxed by watching some shows.

  5. yan yi 說道:

    yes ,l think you are right . lt is because students are too young , they are lack of self _control . thus , lt is being a serious obsession. lt not only will affect student academic perfromances but also will bring some bad impact to their health . as they always keep concentrateonthe TV screen , their eyes will be extremely tiring in return thy may get eye strain . therefore , l think that it is very important for parents to keep an eye on their children so that the problem will not get serious .

  6. wai shun 說道:

    I agree with you about watching too much TV may be harmful to our body but I disagree with your point which is watching TV will affect communication with family menber. Although lots ofthe programmers are not suitable for the whole family, still have some programmers for the children and the parents. In my view, I think watching TV not only won\’t affect the communication between familt menber, but also give them a plenty of potic for them.Wilson Lai 5D 12

  7. Sarina 說道:

    Yes,I agree that Hong Kong citizens are watching too much TV.It is common to see teenagers discuss about the recent popular TV programmes in school.Base on such a phenomenon,we can easily conclude that TV are addicted.Therefore,students spend more and more time on TV and this could be a reason that they can\’t get a good mark in study.All in all,watching TV is a terrible habby ,so the time for watching TV should be limited strictly.

  8. Chiron 說道:

    nowadays, television has become a kind of must for everyone. u know, it\’s trend. what i mean is if u don\’t watch TV, u can\’t communicate with others because they\’re all talking about soup opera or having discussion about the plot. Not watching that, u are like one living in, watching tv is actually for socializing. but, the same thing, we\’ve to strike a balance. otherwise, tv would just harm us.

  9. Ka Ho 說道:

    I agree with you.i think that TV is s good entertainment and it canhelp me to relax.also, i think that watching too much TV will have many problems such as eyes problems, it will affect the study.however,i think that tv have many news related to us. so,i think that we can watch this but we should control our watching time so that it cannot affect us

  10. ChaRles 說道:

    I totally agree with you since I think that watching television is a popular home entertainment but there are also some effects. Short-sight, eyes strain as well as overwight are the harmful of watching TV constantly. However, on the other hand, making relax and getting fun are the possible effect of watch TV but not a long time. Therefore, watching TV can be good or bad. I think the key is on how you manage the Watching Television Schedule.

  11. 智華 說道:

    5A 16 Lin Chi WaI agree with you since I think that watching television is one of the entertainmentfor Hong Kong people when television appeared in Hong Kong. It is because television programmes are very interesting, it makes Hong Kong peopleinterested in watching tv. But, watching tv also has many side effect, such as, Short-sight, eyes strain… These problems would affect our work and study, so I think that we should not watch too tv programmes.

  12. Hang wai 說道:

    5A Chan Hang WaiYes!Great!I totally agree with you,i think that it is so helpful for us to reduce the stress.There is no doubt that Hong kong is a hustle and bustle city .Thence , the people live in hong kong should be relax .On the contray , if you spend too much time on TV , you will be obsessed with the tv .SO , it is harmful to your eyes and your life ,if you spend too much time on tv. It is so important for us to control the time on tv.

  13. Long Ching 說道:

    Yup, that is the phenomenon which shows the lifestyle of Hong Kong people. They become the potato-coach and lazy.That will cause several impact on their body as well as lifestyle. In fact, we should put an eye on this event and ease the people who addict to watching TV. They must alter their life back to the right track. It is necessary for them to change.

  14. ShukYee 說道:

    You are totally right. However, television has already became our friends. Many people also have their own TV at home. Besides, they always watch the TV programmer for a long time. Nowadays, there many spieces of the programmers. It makes the Hongkongers be too obsessed with over watching them. Nonetheness, as a stuudent, that must affect our normal lifestyle. For example, they may get short-sight or eye strain. Worse still, they wil lose the regular communication with their families. Consequently, the parents ought to concern their children more and don\’t give the stress to the children.

  15. 說道:

    Yes,you are right!TV is a part of the life of Hong Kong people.This phenomenon can\’t change.After working,people will caome home and watch tv since they can be relaxed.Also,family can watch tv together.Therefore,they can have more same topics to talk.It can promote their relationship.Apart from family,people also can talk with colleague,etc.Moreover,watching tv can kill time.We just care about the potential side effect when people watch tv.

  16. - james 說道:

    LAU HOI MING :I totally agree with you . Everyone would watch TV everyday that it is a essential part of our life. We get the latest news by TV ,gradually ,TV also become our companion . I believe that nobody never watch tv at night. TV NEWS give us a subject of a conversation. Our dialogue with friends will become very dull.Naturally we can\’t be the cough potato. AS you say, it cause a lot of healthy problems.

  17. Ka Nok 說道:

    I think so. Now i am watching TV instead of playing computer since i had realized the drawbacks of it. I think that TV can replace computer because they are entertainment too. They both provide us lots of fun which can kill our leisure time. Although it may lead some disaventages such as addiction, i can control myself not to be plugged in to the gadgets. Then my study will not be affected. So, i know that entertainment cannot occupy our whole life time. It is just a stuff which is controled, not control people.

  18. Wai Chiu 說道:

    Actually,i think that it is so helpful for us to reduce the stress and let us know more from some tv program.But if i watch too much tv. It will cause many terrible problems like eyes problems that is why we have to balance it and contorl ourselves. Also it is a good time for the family. So we need to cherish the time.

  19. Ngo Yin 說道:

    I agree that nowadays most of us entertain by watching TV.Actually,watching tv is not a bad thing but we have to have a good time mangement.We have to study relax and take a rest.Therefore,if we control our time watching tv is not a problem

  20. Manchi 說道:

    Tam Man Chi5B 27 I agree with you. It is because many teenagers watch too much TV. And watch too much TV will lead to many problems. Such as eye strain, short sight and many other health problems. Also, watch too much TV will effect stucent\’s study. So, I think that students should not watch too much TV and force on study.

  21. Kei Kit 說道:

    yes,i totally agree with you.Many teenagers watch too much TV nowadays,it will lead many disadvantages.Althought watch TV is a good entertainment,we should be moderate.if we don\’t watch TV moderately,th will be harm to us. Thus, we need to control ourselves in order not to be obsessed with the TV.


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