Top athletes on track to draw crowds

Top athletes on track to draw crowds

Tam Ka Ho

  I think the most attractive athlete is LiuXiang.His image of gold-medal hurdel is reaching the public. Be track to 2006 IAAF Super Grand   Prix Lausanne Station, Liu xiang broke the world record to 12.88 seconds. This was the first non-African athlete using under 13 seconds to break the 110-meter hurdle mark. The inspiring news made chinese people feel conviviality.Country is very proud to have him and we are also very excited to have him. Therefore, I think LiuXiang will be the most compelling in the next month’s East Asian Games.

  GuoJingJing also will be a major focus of the East Asian Games.This diving queen won the popular favorite. In the diving item ,she is second to none. Nobody can catch her silhouette. The whole chinese are looking forward to her wonderful performance.

  LiuXiang and GuoJingJing are the top athletes on track to draw crowds. We are waiting to see their miracle appearing again on the East Asian Games.

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One Response to Top athletes on track to draw crowds

  1. KA YEE 說道:

    yes,For a country to develop an outstanding athlete is very difficult, not only coach to pay a lot of hard work, the state also have high expectations of athletes. So, as an athlete, not only to win glory for the home itself, but also for our country\’s dignity and strength of gaining the upper hand.In addition, young people are often regard athletes as role models, and proud of them, we can learn the spirit of athletes with the Olympic spirit, so we should also speak highly of athletes.


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