Ng Sai Hei
    The East Asian Game is coming soon .  the regions round asiawill dispatch the top athletes to take part in and  this  competition is very significant for hk people since we are the auspices and people are looking forward to seeing what  achievement the athletes wiill take. however, in my point of view, we should not give a big weight to our gamers which will put them full of pressure .Hence the encouragement is needed
not only for the athletes but also for the victory. Being unrestrained can dig out more potential. However, victory  is neither essential nor the whole lot .
    If we can seek the spirits of the game that will be more useful instead of arguing win or lose as long as we can encourage our gamers,no one will be the loser.
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4 Responses to Newspaper

  1. maki 說道:

    Sorry. I don\’t think people should not look forward to seeing the athletes. It is because I think the pressure from the audience can make the athletes do better since thay don\’t want the audience to be disappointed. So I think the pressure from the audience is a positive thing to push the athletes to do their best.

  2. Sunny Wong 說道:

    I quite agree with you.Handling stress is not easy, if athlete is given a high expectation, he or she may backfired Since Eastasian Game is a regional compettion, athletes prepared well.Hoping they can get good results

  3. ng 說道:

    i agree with youwe shouldnt give too much pressure on our athletes,in my opinion,the best way to show our support is to buy the ticket and be one of the audiences of the EAGi hope that all hong kong athletes can get satisfied result in the game6b 16 lok

  4. Nocturnes 說道:

    ng choI agree with you since we have expectation, our athletes could not concentrateon the competition. I think that we just underpin them because it is power for them .Moreover , they will not feel stress .As a result, they may gain a prize in the game.


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