Learn about learningdisable students

Learn about learningdisable students
Wong Kwan Hung

I think that if government sponsors the disable students to have free education, the efficiency must be reduced because the money which is spent on the disabled students, should be spent on two students who come from poor family. It is bacause the disable students need to be looked after by the other people. If they access the education, Government needs to find more teachers and people to teach them. But, it is not suitable for the economy nowadays. So, I don’t agree that though it is poor for the disabled students to have the problems.

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2 Responses to Learn about learningdisable students

  1. ka kit 說道:

    Cruel though it is to say that, I don\’t agree the disabled students should receive special allowance from the govenment. They always claim hoping to be treated equally, but if they really wish so, why ask for a preferential service which is only for handicaps? It is even irony they say it is to fight for a fair society. How ridiculous!

  2. cho yiu 說道:

    I think that the Hong Kong government should continue to sponsor the disable student because of the fact that this cannot get a job if their do not have enough education. If it is a poor disable student, they will continue to be poor since they do have enough education. Therefore, their generation will continue to be poor.



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