Golden Games

Golden Games
Kwan In
It’s an inspiring news for every Chinese people that Liu Xiang is recovered and start his race recently. Because of his award in the Olympic Games, he has become a hero in our heart. When we first found out that his feet had been injured, it was a big hit to us. We’ve been looking forward to Liu’s recover during his treatment. 
Now, Liu comes out and achieves another gold metal in his first game. Despite the fact that he is not fully recovered, he still tries his best in every game that he participates in. It’s proud for us to see his never-say-die spirit and his achievement in a new area in the sports. 
No matter if Liu can keep achieving awards or not, the most important thing that we should do is to see him as an idol so as to learn the great personalities from him and encourage ourselves to be more hard-working. If everyone can learn it, it’s much better than achieving a few prizes since people can make everything possible with this characteristic.          
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2 Responses to Golden Games

  1. Ka Chun 說道:

    5B yiu ka chunIt is a good news to know that Liu Xiang already recovered and had a good record for his first game after his treatment .althought he is not fully recovered,he still had a quite good result without full power for the game.And the never say die spirit is good for us to learn.

  2. hoiwai 說道:

    5D Chow Hoi WAIIt’s commonly known that Liu Xiang is one of the greatest athletes in Chinese history due to the fact that he won an unique medal in the 110m hurdles. Recently, he was recovered and started to participate in several competitions. When I knew that he got some good results in the races, I was very cheerful that the pearl of the Chinese track event brighten up again. As you know, the East Asian Games is coming. It is an excellent opportunity for him to proof his ability. I hope that he will make a marvelous result.


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