Darwin’s evolution

Darwin’s evolution

Tang Keng Man
  Charles Darwin is best known for his theory of natural selection, but prior to this revolutionary thesis he encountered many challenges. Every success is a product of countless failures. No scientists can establish a groundbreaking theory or make an invention without previous failures, even Charles Darwin.

  His theory of natural selection is one of the most influential scientific theories ever proposed .  However ,  he met many stumbling blocks before scientific research. His many theories were proved that they were wrong. In spite of these frustrations, he was still confident. And making more effort to his research. Eventually, he succeeded .

  His success tells us that failure is the father of success. We should learn his “never give up spirit", perseverance, exploration and will-power. He is the role model of us.

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One Response to Darwin’s evolution

  1. Li Ho Chun 說道:

    In order to be successful in the future, we have to face different kinds of failures. If we just evade the failures, we will never success. Hence, it is very vital for us to jump through the obstacles and it is the key to succeed. This man is exactly a role model for us and i learn determination, persistence and "never say die spirit". No one can succeed without failures.



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