Ghostly Hong Kong seas warn of looming global tragedy

Ghostly Hong Kong seas warn of looming global tragedy

Kathy Hau 6B


Have you ever seen there are varies (various) kinds of seafood in the tanks outside the famous seafood restaurants in Hong Kong? Don’t they look fascinated (fascinating) and delicious? Actually, this phenomenon tells a strange and haunting tale of a looming global tragedy, which is the fact that there are more fish swimming in the tiny tanks than there are in the surrounding seas.


As we all know, the demands for seafood in Hong Kong are very high, like other World’s city (cities – other + pl n), the local supplement (supply) of seafood is not sufficient and we need to import seafood around the global (globe – n) either by plane or ship. Although the cost maybe higher, but (have ‘although’, then no ‘but’) Hong Kong people still can (can still) afford that and most of us are glad about that.


However, this makes us ignore the seriousness of over fishing.

“I’m afraid that I may have to change my job in 10 years’ time! ” said Mr. Chan, a fish seller in Hong Kong as he said it is already becoming difficult to find fish and other seafood in the quantities he required.


This reflects that the problem on over fishing tends to be more urgent nowadays .If we haven’t paved a possible road for this problem, it is no longer acceptable to eat seafood when the problem cannot be remedied one day. May you, can you, and dare you still say “None of my business”?


Although we have no power to legislate the law on this problem, But the things we can help are to discipline ourselves .For example, do not throw rubbish or discharge toxin into the sea. If everyone can have the awareness on it, I believe the problem can be mitigated and solved in the future.

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9 Responses to Ghostly Hong Kong seas warn of looming global tragedy

  1. Ho Yin Harry 說道:

    Having delicious fish and seafoods as lunch and dinner are great, however there are always the waste of food since we can\’t finish the whole fish. If the problem of overfishing keeps going on, I believe we, and our next generation, cannot enjoy such delicous dishes any more! So, treasure the food and DO-NOT-WASTE food any more!

  2. LEO 說道:

    Sad but true. I think many organisms and environment have been damaged by human beings. If we keep destroying the environment or killing other animals, all human will suffer at last. In this case, if no one control fishing, there will be a variety of fish and other marine life had to face the problem of extinction. We won\’t able to eat any seafood. We need to give a break to marine life and do not pollute the ocean anymore.

  3. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    6b (4) chow chin fungEven we know the side-effect of overfishing . But public remains selfish because we only concern the commercial factor and taste of seafood and the cost of seafood can be afforded by public in Hong Kong . Increase the importing fee hence the selling price must be increased .As a result public eats less seafood for the price os too expensive to buy . last the phenomenon overfishing can be decreased

  4. Kit 說道:

    Actually, I think the government should take the responsiblity since fishmen are over-fishing without any management. They may don\’t even know what to do to balance the the situation that they have to catch fish in order to earn a living. The government should do something. For example, the government should set a resting duration for fish to reproduce and offer allowance to the fishmen as they can\’t catch fish. Thus, it is a truism that the water quality is too bad for aquatic animals to live. Knowing such a horrible fact, the government should do something as to raise citizens the awareness of the water importance. It is a salient fact that Japan has done a good job in protecting the aquatic world. Hong Kong government should take a look of it before it is too late.

  5. 惠嫻 說道:

    Pun Wai Han The problem of over fishing is a common problem in Hong Kong . But it seems far more serious these years . We cannot only satisfy our demands but igore the consequences of over fishing. Oer fishing will destroy the sea bed as well as the natural habitat.

  6. Helen 說道:

    It is not surprising that there is the problem of over fishing in Hong Kong as people are able to go fishing any time.To ease the situation, the government should limit the amount of fishes that fishermen can have.Othervise, we may have no chance to eat seafood.

  7. puiyee 說道:

    yes!it deserve our noted that different kinds of fish is become extinct.The government must do something to solve this problem.For example,fishman can not caught fish all time.For us,we should not choose to eat any valuable fish.Then this problem would be solve.

  8. Lily 說道:

    Over fishing in Hong Kong is a very serious problem.I think the government should do something. The government should set up some rules to manage the fisherman. Also, we should protect our sea and keep it clean ! To provide a good habitats for the marines.

  9. Tsz Fung 說道:

    I think over-fishering is a very serious problem in Hong Kong. It causes a crisis in environment.And the food chain would also be affected by this movement. Maybe it is a warning to us to cherish the world.The government should do something to manage the fishmen in order to give a resting duration to the fish to reproduce.


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