The increasing criticism on Chief Executive Donald Tsang

The increasing criticism on Chief Executive Donald Tsang 

Lam Chui Ming Patricia  6B(10)


Recently, Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kam facing an increasing criticism by the public as he had favoured an in-law’s light-bulb business with his cash coupon proposal to encourage the use of energy-saving bulbs and he had helped his sister-in-law to get compensation over Lehman Brothers minibonds three months earlier than the other victims. Although numerous criticisms made on him, he said that he did not lose any sleep over criticism. Alternatively, he sleeps very well. He said this because he think that all the Hong Kong residents have their right to give their
expressions and he accepts all of the advice.

In fact, I am a bit disappointed with the behaviour of the Chief Executive. Before the occurrence of these issues, I am really impressed by his care on the public and at that time, I think he is my idol and I have a dream to follow his footstep. But now, the image of the Chief Executive have totally changed in my mind that I think he is too unjust. To be the role of leader, the most important thing is that he must be scrupulous in separating public from private interests.

Now, the light-bulb cash coupon proposal is failed and these two issues greatly affect and lower the level of satisfaction to the Chief Executive. So, Tsang should work harder to redeem himself after he made above mistakes. Also, I think he should have a review to what he has done over the past few months and improve the way to handle problems.

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3 Responses to The increasing criticism on Chief Executive Donald Tsang

  1. Kit 說道:

    I am afraid that i don\’t agree with you due to the fact that the light-bulb cash coupon proposal is open to the public. How come you think there is any trick or cheating on the proposal just because one in thousands of companies joining the proposal is in charged by father-in-law of Donald Tsang\’ s son.It is just a bit too sensitive and ridiculous to blame our Chief Executive because of this matter.Thus, you think that only big fish has the right to give benefits to relatives? It is obvious that anyone involved in any proposal can give benefits to anyone he wants. Therefore, just stop paying attention on small things and stop blowing it into big news.

  2. ken 說道:

    Ken Chan6BDonald Tsang Yam-kam should face the problem about Lehman Brothers minibonds seriously because the public will think he use his right to help his sister to take back money which his sister use it to buy Lehman Brothers minibonds. Therefore, I think he should not ignore these view. If he doesn\’t have to help his sister, he should tell the process about the event. It is very essential and improtant for him to continue to manage his government.

  3. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    Philip 6B (4)we should think happy in fact of our government concern the environment protection .but i don\’t think Donald Tsang Yam-kam has enough sensibility of his policyhence his managerial skills was interrogate by the public . last i think the sensibility of news is becessary for working in HonG Kong


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