Shanghai Disney Park approved

Shanghai Disney Park approved
Helen Lai F.6B (9)


China’s planning agency has approved plan for a Disney theme park in Shanghai where is the biggest city in China. The area of the theme park is said to be two times of Hong Kong’s. The Walt Disney Company said the initial phase of the project would include a ‘’Magic Kingdom-style theme park with the characteristics of Shanghai.

As there will be two Disney Parks in China later, it is worrying that the number of visitors traveling to Hong Kong will decrease. In fact, Hong Kong Disneyland is much smaller than that in Shanghai. Visitors would rather go to the Disneyland in Shanghai than the one in Hong Kong.

However, there is not only one attraction in Hong Kong. People who travel to Hong Kong can do a lot of things instead. For example, they can go shopping as Hong Kong is named as a “shopping paradise”. Also, they can eat different kinds of food.

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16 Responses to Shanghai Disney Park approved

  1. Cheuk kit 說道:

    In fact, Hong Kong Disneyland is only one of Hong Kong\’s attractions and Hong Kong still have many places and things for attractingvisitors such as Hong Kong Ocean Park, shopping paradise, food paradise, Hong Kong Geopark and so on.Therefore, the number of visitors traveling to Hong Kong won\’t decrease although Shanghai Disneyland is bigger than Hong Kong\’s.

  2. Lily 說道:

    There will be two Disneyland China later, it\’s worry that number of visitors traveling to Hong Kong will decrease. Also, Hong Kong Disneyland is smaller than the Disneyland of Shanghai. I think the government should do something to attack the visitor to come to Hong Kong, such as, increase some special place.

  3. puiyee 說道:

    It is sure that this event will affect visitor traveling to Hong Kong.Since Hong Kong Disney Park not ony is small but also the entrance fee is expensive.Therefore,if visitors want to go to the Disneyland,majority will choose the shanghai\’s.However,I think it is not very serious because many visitors come to Hong Kong who are focus the others things such as shopping,eating.

  4. Kit 說道:

    After reading this news, I think that we should focus on two points. One is that whether the attractions in Hong Kong are enough to attract visitors not going to mainland but Hong Kong which is the Hong Kong Government should consider. Thus, we should also think that if the people in the government are suitable. The other one is that the government has paid a lot of money to improve the Disney in Hong Kong. Is that still something that we should spend our money on? Maybe it is just a waste of money,isn\’t it? Moreover, I think the government should apologize to the public since they seem not to scheme the development of Disneyland in detail as there are two Disneyland in China and the one in Hong Kong is so small that even Hong Kong residents complain a lot about it .

  5. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    philipalso Disney land is not only one attraction in Hong Kong. but Hong Kong were competing with near region.. If our government do not rescue Hong Kong tourism by adding some new elements to attract tourist come to Hong Kong . " Traveling paradise " will not be used to describe Hong Kong. The plan of Shanghai Disney Park is warning our government and HongKonger to mind our tourism

  6. Peter 說道:

    It is a fault to build a Disney park in HK initially.The size of a park is vital but there is no area in HK to built a large enough Disney park.Now, there will be a competitor in Shanghai ,which will be a lager and more attract one, soon.In this cruel competition, HK\’s DISNEY PARK MUST BE THE LOSER.

  7. Angus 說道:

    Actually I don\’t think the number of visitors travelling to Hong Kong will decrease. In the U.S, there are two disneyland in California and Manhattan also. It didn\’t affect any visitors wants rather to travel the Calfornia one or Manhattan one.As Helen said, there isn\’t only Disneyland as the attration point of Hong Kong tourism. Go Shopping, visit Ocean Park, visit Buddha etceteras are the others attration point to the visitor.For Hong Kong Disneyland, I think they should think about how to attrat more and more tourist not only from mainland, but also the world. Since the Disney visitors are mainly come from mainland. Although it will not be a big effect to the number of tourist that travel to Hong Kong, it may affect the visitors wants from mainland to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland!

  8. pui shan 說道:

    in my opinion, Disneyland in Shanghai doesn\’t affect the number of visitors travelling to Hong Kong. I think that there are several reasons which decease the number of visitors travelling to Hong Kong. one of the reasons is the financial crisics,anther reason is the increasing number of attraction in other reigons. I believe that Disneyland in Shanghai will affect the number of tourists visiting to Disneyland in Hong Kong. It is because Disneyland in Hong Kong is smaller than Disneyland in Shanghai, it seem that Disneyland in Shanghai that is more attractive.

  9. 惠嫻 說道:

    Pun Wai Han The construction of the Disneyland in Shanghai threaten Hong Kong. Shanghai is a place with a lot of natural resources. The potential of Shanghai is higher than that of Hong Kong. Now , Shanghai is developing in different aspects and catch up with Hong Kong not only the Disney theme park. This reminds us to do more to maintain the goodwill and the state of International Financial Centre of Hong ong.

  10. Ngo Yin 說道:

    As a Hong Konger,I do afraid that Shanghai Disneyland would affect the tourism in HK.As the Disneyland in Shanghai is much larger than Hong Kong,If I were tourist,I would prefer ShaghaI to HK.It would affect the atractiveness of HK ,so there are some affect to HK.

  11. Sunny Wong 說道:

    I have been Hong Kong Disneyland for several times, and I felt the Land is attractive.Although Shanghai is going to build one, I think the Shanghai one will provide a good choice for vistiors.I support Hong Kong one because it gave me good memories.Vistors may choose Hong Kong one since Shanghai one may be not equiped.

  12. chun yiu 說道:

    As far as I am concerned , most of the citizens would be delighted about this plan of Disney theme park . Also , I don\’t think it would be a competitor to the one in Hong Kong . The number of visitors to the HK Disneyland is steady now , I can see no reason for the drawback of the movement of this construction . But it is a wanring to Hong Kong that Shanghai is growing up , and maybe years later it would come over Honk Kong .

  13. Unknown 說道:

    After Shanghai build up the new Disneyland, our disney may drop rapidlly in income since lots of mainland visitors may willing to go to the Shanghai one, not the Hong Kong Disney Land anymore.The Hong Kong Disney Land may not have atractiveness to other Asian countries besides China. Since they can choose going to the one in Japan, which is better and larger than Hong Kong Disney Land. And the idea in Japan Disney Land is more interesting than ours.I think Hong Kong Disney Land is not the main attraction in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Disney Land is only for temporary use and satisfy the want of Hong Kong people.

  14. manfei 說道:

    For me , i think it may be true that the number of visitors traveling to Hong Kong may decrease . Because Shanghai is also a famous city in China and a well-known international city . Traveller around the world may go to Shanghai Disneyland .But anyway , i believe that Hong Kong Disney can build more different theme park in Disneyland which contain H.K culture , that can be a specific Disneyland in the world !! Also , as a Hongkongers , we should be nice and friendly to the visitors ,in order to attract more travellers to come to H.K ~

  15. 說道:

    YIP HONG RAYIn my opinion, the construction of Shanghai Disneyland actuaaly does not affact the acting role of HongKong.This alarming notice is proving a golden opportunitychance to the Government,of which Hong Kong government can develop differnrt aspects . To cite an example,Hong Kong government can invite more foreignbranding to Hong Kong . This entiely enhance hong Kong to be more attractive and competitive.

  16. Ho Yin Harry 說道:

    Well , actually I don\’t like the Disney Park in Hong Kong at all. Firstly, it is too small that we can not enjoy the day there as the tickets are expensive. Moreover, it is not worth to use such place in Hong Kong to build a theme park with large amount of money. And now, we can see we are facing a serious problem that Shanghai is going to construct a larger park. This means that Hong Kong DisneyLand will no longer to be attractive any more. To face the problem, I think the planner of HK Disneyland should introduce some special theme that other Disneyland would not have. Also, the fee of the tickets should be lower as it is not worth to pay so much.May be Helen your point that Hong Kong is a "shopping paradise" is right, but I think we should face the problem of no one will be interested in HK Disneyland and solve the problem directly.


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