Pirates threaten to kill crew of Chinese ship

Pirates threaten to kill crew of Chinese ship

Chow Hoi Wai
If you are fond of watching the 6:30 News report, you will definitely notice that there were lots of news about the aggressive and inhumane pirates who robbed almost all the ships across Somalia. They hijacked the ships and menaced the sailors so as to make a huge fortune. But, lots of countries decided to tackle this severe hassle several months ago. Unfortunately, despite the fact that they declined their immoral operations for a period of time, they hijacked a Chinese bulk carrier in the Indian Ocean threatened on Tuesday to execute its 25 crew members if any rescue operation is attempted. It really makes me feel disappointed since these people are innocent. Moreover, I think that our mother country should do more to ensure their security.
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6 Responses to Pirates threaten to kill crew of Chinese ship

  1. ka kit 說道:

    I am really shocked when the first time I read this news. I think the most urgent measure to be adopted right the moment is to implement a rescue and bring the crew back. Doubtlessly, we can\’t attack the pirates directly in the way of naval as they have threatened to slaughter the whole crew; however, some assassination maybe feasible, such as organizing a sniper team to give a strike. We should never negotiate with the skinny pirates or give way. Anyway, would all the crew be safe in the end.

  2. Sarina 說道:

    The pirates in Somalia are definitely very cruel.They hijacked innocent people in a Chinese ship and actions must be taken in hope of solving this hassle.I think the the United Nations should give a hand to China this time.They should arrange a conference for the pirates and the chinese government,so that they can discuss an appropriate and feasible way to handle this problem.Moreover,the marine should help to rule the sea.They should patrol the sea more often and penalize the pirates in order to stop such tragedy from happening.

  3. - james 說道:

    LAU HOI MING 5D 14 The pirates in Somalia are very inhumanity. They held the 25 hostages to threat the chinese government but I think that chinese government can\’t submit the terrorists.They should open a fire to get the hostages off the hook and avoid the danger. IN long term chinese government should aend more warship to the Somalia area.It not only can protect to chinese ship which pass though there but also can intimidate the terrorists.

  4. In 說道:

    The priates in Somalia are being serious.It is because Somalia is a poor place that the people cannot even get a job in there.They turn a wrong way that being a pirate to rob the acrossing ship and hijack in their country,which they can a large amount of money.As pirating is illegal and harmful to the ocean safety,we should curb it from the origns.

  5. wong 說道:

    In fact, the pirates in Somalia shows that everytime they go out and rob people but no government will know. So, I think that it is government\’s fault and they should product more technology to check where the pirates are and where do them rob so they can save the people who are robbed by the pirates. Though it is not the first time to avoid the pirates, it is a good time for the government to save the people and tell them to escape the area when they discover the pirates.

  6. Hang wai 說道:

    I THINK THAT THE pirates IN SOMALIA IS VERY SERIOUS.THUS i think that china\’s government should adress this problem since it will affect the china DEFENED international safety.ON THE CONTRARY I HOPE THIS PROBLEM CAN BE SLOVED .LAST BUT NOT LEAST CHINESE GOVERNMENT should patrol the sea more often and penalize the pirates in order to stop such tragedy from happening.CHAN HANG WAI 5A 02



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