Pirates threaten to kill crew of chinese ship

Pirates threaten to kill crew of chinese ship

Yiu Ka Chun
In my view,I think that those pirates are rude .Since they hijack a chinese bulk carrier without any reason . And threaten china if any rescue operation is attempted,they will execute 25 crew members .In addtion, I think that china should attempt a secret project to rescue those carrier’s crew . I think china has enough military power about rescue those people,too.
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3 Responses to Pirates threaten to kill crew of chinese ship

  1. cho yiu 說道:

    I agree with you. I also hate the pirates in Somalia whose are rude and steal the ship. The ship is the property of the owner. Thus, they should not attack the ship. I hope more people will care about this problem.

  2. 世熙 說道:

    yeah you gave a good suggestion i know you are the profressor in army it is high time to shop them no matter for the life or the prestige of china we can\’t be defeated by the small military power

  3. Ka Ho 說道:

    I agree with you. i think that the pirates should be peaceful.Becauseif they countiune to do that,it will spoil the friendship with other countries .



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