How Much Is Too Much?

How Much Is Too Much?
Li Ho Yi
Many students think that they have too much homework to do.  In addition, some of students’ parents would like to their child can improve on studies.  Some of them think that if the school give their child too much homework, students would increase their pressure on studies.  
In my opinion, I think that having more homework is good for us since students can have a revision during doing their homework.  Moreover, many children are not willing to have revision without homework and parents’ orders.  On the contrary, having less homework will affect students’ studies because they will forget something which they learn after a long period of time.  
However, if they have too much homework so they cannot go out with their friends, they will be dissatisfied that they do not have freedom.
To sum up, I think that teachers should be balanced on students’ homework.  A balance is needed on their studies.  Teachers cannot ignore the feeling of students.  Thus, a reasonable amount of homework is the better than none or too much.
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5 Responses to How Much Is Too Much?

  1. KENGMAN 說道:

    I totally agree that teachers should be balanced on students\’ homework. if they have too much homework to do ,they will need to burn the midnight oil. It is a fact that students are learning under enormous pressure. Teachers cannot ignore their situation .A balance is needed becsuse of the fact that a reasonable amount of homework can be more effecient since they can have extra time to revise the old subjects or make a revision .Of course , i am quite skeptical that some students are lazy to take up their responsibilites .So , sometimes it can be a good idea for teachers to teach students.

  2. Ho Pui 說道:

    I agree that teachers should be balanced on students\’ homework. It is becuase nowadays many students have some extra curricular activities when they finish their school studies. However, when they finish their activities, the time is very late. They need to do their homework for a long time. Students would increase their pressure on studies. I think that teachers should be balanced on students\’ homework. This can help students to reduce their pressure on studies.(Sin Ho Pui)

  3. yan yi 說道:

    lt is a absolutely yes for teachers to maintain the quantity of homewok . lt is because having enough homewok can improve our academic ability , it is worth for us to do it . also , students have the responsibility to finish their homewok , even if they can do not want to . besides , they can not escape the homewoks because of high pressures . this is no excuse . ln addition , students have different to redure their pressures .

  4. Yee Lin 說道:

    Actually, having too much bring students a lot of pressure. Students will hate the subject because of the homwwork. I know students will have revision without homework. But teachers still cannot give too much homework to students. It only will bring many side effect. The only to let students study is to make them like the sudject. Then, they will work hard in that sudject.

  5. 說道:

    Yes,I agree with you.It is very important for balancing student\’s homework.Having too much homework will make students have more pressure.They will feel hard.They will not have time to have a vision in hope of doing homework.Therefore,I suggest that teachers should control the quantity of homework.Also,parents don\’t give students more pressure too.Parents should allow their son/daughter to go out with friends.They can take off pressure.When they have lesson,they will not feel tired.


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