Lam Long Ching

Halloween is coming soon. Have you thought about how to celebrate it? Apart from going to the theme park in Hong Kong, there is other options which is performing on the stage. The course teaches you how to show an exaggerating emotional expression since you will have a chance to act on the stage during the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation.

That is a great opportunity for us to build up our confidence. I believe that you will have a chance to act on the stage rarely. Besides, the white face represents Halloween originally. It can transform to an art. It combines singing, acting and dancing. That is an opera. We not only can learn the rhythm of a song but also can polish our acting skill. That is quite precious. If I realize that programme earlier, I will take part in this course in order to practise my expression and be more confident. Will you?

本篇發表於 S5。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

5 Responses to Halloween!

  1. WonG 說道:

    Of course. A number of Hongkongers able to go to the theme park in Hong Kong which is called Disneyland and Ocean park. Additionally, the school will hold some activites to celebrate the Halloween. For example, students not only can take part in the spelling competition but also dress up different kinds of scary costumes like witches,wizards,skeletons as well as corpse brides.Well, if this course can practise my expression and be more confident, I will try my best to participate in the course with friends. Also, opera is an interesting entertainment.

  2. KA YEE 說道:

    Yes, the Hong Kong people generally liked to celebrate Halloween, wearing terrible clothes, with a distinctive mask, to participate in numerous terrorist party. However, we can also play a role in Halloween, to enrich our lives and enrich our experience, as well as enhance our self-confidence.

  3. ShukYee 說道:

    Yes, I really want to celebrate the Halloween with all my best friends. As you know, Ocean Park & Disneyland are both holding the activities to celebrate it. However, I do not have the opportunity to go to there since I have to face on the coming HKCEE. Despite of the fact that the limited time make me feel very disappointed, I can still go to the Ocean Park & Disneyland after the HKCEE. Besides, I love the atmosphere during that week. It is great challenging for me to overcome that panic in haunter house. The benefit is to build up our confidence.

  4. wai shun 說道:

    In this Halloween, I attented school\’s activities which held by the art club. I had a great fun in the activities since it had different games and missions for us to play and do. In these games, every actor were very good since I really scared of them at frist. I think this not only a time for us to play, but also is an opportunity for the students train themself and enchance their self-confidence.Wilosn Lai 5D 12

  5. 說道:

    I am very happy that Halloween is coming because I can get more candies for my friends ,parents or teachers.I extremely like eating candies.Also,I will celebrate the Halloween with my friends.We will dress up some scary costumes.We will play some scary characters such as witches,ghosts,etc.Morover,we will go to the hauted house.I feel very excited.I am looking forward to the Halloween.5A 30 TSANG YI CHING



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