Local street treats

Local street treats
Tam Man Chi 5B 27

Hong Kong is a place that has a lot of street food. Such as the " three treasure" in this newspaper. The street food are crispy because many of them are deep fried. It is not healthy but very tasty. This article is about a deep fried vegetable with dace fish patty. It is easy to make. Only six steps to make it. First you need to cut and clean the peppers. Second, cut it into trangular shape. Then, add smoe black pepper into dace fish patty. After that, add some oil on the top . Finally, bake it at 200 degree for 20 mins. You can also buy it outside. It is very cheap. They are about five to ten dollars.

In my opinion, I think we shouldn’t eat too many of these kind of deep fried food. It is because eating too many deep fried food will make you get pimple and be over weight. It is bad for health. So, we should eat less deep fried food.

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2 Responses to Local street treats

  1. cho yiu 說道:

    Yes, I agree with you that kind of snack is not very healthy. But, I also think that Hong Kong snack is delicious and there are a lot of choice such curry fish ball. This is very popular in Hong Kong. Therefore, Hong Kong can promote Hong Kong with the street food.

  2. maki 說道:

    I agree with you that street food is not healthy but very tasty. I love eating street food because thy are so attractive and smell so good. Thah\’s why I love eating srteet food. And I think the recipe of the deep fried vegetable with dace fish patty is easy for me to try to cook it.



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