The correction of blog writting

The correction of blog writting
Tsang Yi Ching 5A 30
This news is about that parents should not give many pressure to their children.This news talks about many parents often enroll their children in extra-curricular activities without asking them.I think that the parents want to show off their student’s talent.Therefore,I regard that the parents are selfish.They do not care about their children’s wishes.Some children’s timetables are full because their parents add many activities in their schedule.I think that these kinds of children are very painful as they do not have time to take off their pressure.I consider that parents should concern their children.Parents should ask their children’s wishes and take care of them.
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6 Responses to The correction of blog writting

  1. Lhyi's babyت 說道:

    Yes, I am totally agree with you. In my opinion, parenrts should forgive their children if they do not want to have a lesson which enrolled by their parents. Since they do not ask for their children what they like and which they don\’t like. I think that parents have to give more concern to their children. Don\’t give much presures for theur as well. 5C LIHOYI`

  2. KENGMAN 說道:

    I totally agree that parents should concern their children more .It is commonly known that parents wait on their children hand and foot and range different kind of extra-curricular activities even enroll tutorials for them without consultation .However if parents give too much stess to their children , it can be side effects to their children . According to some survey reports, their children are more likely being unhappy or even hate their parents .Therefore, they should listen their children\’s opinions or hopes.Of course , children should try to understand their parent\’s behaviors too.Then, there would be less quarrel.

  3. Nocturnes 說道:

    5A NG WING CHOYes. You are right. I agree with you. Hong Kong is a international metropolis so daily routine is very fast though you are children. Under this circumstances, children are tough to handle their work. Thus, if their parents overdose the extra-curricular activities to their son and daughter who enroll tutorials for them without consultation. As a result, it become a burden on their back and they will be deplorable.

  4. 智華 說道:

    5A Lin Chi WaI totally agree with you, it is because my cousin\’ s parents also design a extra-curricular activities timetable for him, he told me that he was very toilsome, since his timetable was full all the time, he is always busy. The parents in Hong Kong are always focusing on their children\’s grade, they do not care about their children\’s feeling.

  5. WonG 說道:

    Yes, I totally argee with you. Nowadays, a number of parents just concern their children\’ grade. However, they ignore their kids\’ feeling.So, I think that they should make a timetable which is suitable for them. Also, the students sould manage the time properly. If I were the student, I would tell my feeling with parents since they understand and accept the suggestion. Additionally, they ought to choose their extra-curricular activities since it is an opportunity for them to learn more knowledge from the course.

  6. Wai Chiu 說道:

    Yes, I agree with you. It is because nowadays many of the parents want their sons and daughters to be a good and high level student and then to show off their contribution of teaching their son or daughter. But they always consciously or unconsciosly put their son or daughter in a lane cause by they build up some pressure on their son or daughter. That\’s why I said I agree with your stand point.


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