Nobel winner lights way for HK

Nobel winner lights way for HK

Lai Ka Kit 5A 10
This news is about the man that we are all proud of. He is Charles Kao Kuen. Charles not only brings Hong Kong infinite glory, but also contributes to science to the whole world. The fibre optics he invented, which enable data to be transmitted in light pulse, has led us into a brand-new age of the internet. Aside from the brilliant intelligence in physics, his bountiful manner should be applauded as well. We could never share and enjoy this great technology but for his action of giving up patent, that’s the reason why he is recognized as a ‘true gentleman’.
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3 Responses to Nobel winner lights way for HK

  1. wong 說道:

    Kao Kuen is our hero of science since his talent makes him be successful of science. We should learn about his hard-working and never-give-up. It is a good time for him to show his talent since he gets the prize, though he is old. But i hope that chinese people can be the next Nobel winner next to Kao Kuen.

  2. In 說道:

    Charles Kao Kuen has recently received the Nobel prize which is a great pride of Hong Kong people. His award becomes an huge encourage to local students and lots of them are tracing his track behind him after knowing the award. However, the most important thing that we should learn from him is not what he achieves but his hard-working.

  3. hoiwai 說道:

    Yeah!It is no denying that Dr Kao Kuen is one of the greatest physicists around the world.His invention,The Fibre Optics,helped to enhance the communication technology and did a authentic revolution about human\’s lifestyles.However,other than his invention and his bountiful manner,there is one thing that is worth for everyone to study,especially students,is his perseverance.He has an imcomparable will-power,no matter in his process of invention or fighting against with the disease.Don\’t you?


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