Nobel winner lights way for HK

Nobel winner lights way for HK
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        Charles Kao kuan ,the retired vice chancellor of the Chinese Unversity of HK who is called "the father of fibre optics" and he gets the nobel prize which is called "master of light".  There is no doubt that this is a honorable prize that is the highest prize for the scientist.
        Because of the fact that Kao kuen invented the firbe optics,  nowadays most of us can enjoy this product’s affection.For example, while we are surfing the net , we can enjoy a faster pace.And we can phone people easily who is far away from your area .  The thing we should learn his generous .  Why ? because he didn’t apply any monopoly of firbe optics,so we can enjoy a faster pace .  On the Contrary,he gave everyone to develop his product so the scientists have created many practical innovations for everyday life and provided new tools for scientfic exploration.  By the way,  Kao recently donated 17 of his awards to a university,where he was vice chancellor from 1987 to 1996.  Thus , we can see his success and the contribution.
         I think that he is a person who is worth to respect.  Owing to the fact that he is not selfish and he will share his invention with the others.Hence, we can enjoy his successful invention in our daily life.
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One Response to Nobel winner lights way for HK

  1. ShukYee 說道:

    I am very proud of this surprising news. Due to the achievement of the father of the light fibre, Charles Kao Kuan is successful all over the world. He spend about 10 years to study his invention, however, after 10 years, He can get Nobel winner\’s award. We can learn a lot from him. I expect that all of the teenagers can learn his endeavour .


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