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Charles Kao Kuen, born in Shanghai, studied at St Joseph’s College which was the retired vice chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 
He studied his pioneering work on fibre optics while Willard Boyle and George Smith of Bell Laboratories, New Jersey, shared the other half for semiconducter breakthroughs. So, the result was that he has been named co-winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for physics. Additionally, he also had a special name — ‘ The Father Of Firbre Optics ‘ for launchng the infotech revolution.
I think Charles Kao is very successful in technology and he is well-known now. I think we can study from him! Unfortunately, he gained Alzheimer’s Disease recently. Thus, that means that healthy is extremely vital for our successful life. Preventing for those diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease , we can play more MarJiert which is a traditional activity of China. Since the professor of health studied that we think more by playing MarJiert. Or for other diseases, we can do more exercise to prevent that! 
Of Course, we should work hard for our successful life. On the other hand, we should do more exercise for our healthy life!
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8 Responses to Newspaper

  1. Long Ching 說道:

    If I were Kao Kuen,I would be pleased of my life whatever I have an Alzheimer\’s Disease. I admire him since he is a celebrity of technology. His discovery is very useful all around the world. I think he has his achievement because of his working attitude. When he had any difficulties, he will not give up and try to find the clue. Finally,he made miracle. That is what we need to learn.

  2. wai shun 說道:

    I was very proud of Kao Kuen since his invention is really can help all the people in the world. I know that he was teased by others , but he didn\’t give up. So he get the Nobel Prize. And the invention, fibre optics, which aren\’t replaced by other things.

  3. Ho Pui 說道:

    I think that I was very proud of Kao Kuen. It is because he has been named co-winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for physics. Also, his invention can help people to surf the internet. But, I think that he was very unfortunately. It was because he gained Alzheimer\’s Disease. So, I think that he was a successful people. (Sin Ho Pui)

  4. 世熙 說道:

    hey you and dr kao have a same name de kao is guite successful and talent how cound be that hard-working to contribute a decaed of his life for the researchi think you had put all the painstaking effort for it although he got a parkinson disease indeed forget the proud of inevnting fibre optics but he actually did that great job so we never forget

  5. yan yi 說道:

    you are right. The person l find most amazing is charles kao kwan who is the father of fibre optics . l am proud of him who had awarded the noble prize in scientist which is a very honourable prize in the world. therefore , l am very respect his passion of making the effort in the scientist . l think we can learn hardwork and determination from him .

  6. Sarina 說道:

    I do agree that Charles Kao Kwan is one of the most famous people in the last century.Moreover,I admire his talent and never give up spirit.It is believed that these are the fators that made him succeed.However,he got a Parkinson disease now.It is such a pity that the father of fibre optics no longer remember his fibre optics.But no matter what,he will always be a hero in our heart and we will never forget him because of his hard work.

  7. Tam ka ho 說道:

    I agree with you.Charles Kao Kuen\’s invention become a sign of era. Now ,it is an indispensable component of society.we are proud of him.His meticulous spirit worthy of young people to learn. Whether at work or in learning, we should go whole hog. No matter facing what kind of big problem, we should have the spirit of perserverance,keep holding on dealing with the problem

  8. KA YEE 說道:

    You are right, the health of a person is very important, especially for a full success and wisdom of the people, even more is the primary condition. In History, there have been many wise people, especially scientists, `physicist and inventor, most have died because of illness. But we also like to thank them for their contribution, we have a better life.


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