Tong Ka Lok 5D 30
Vain or in vogue?
I absolutely agree to this article. There is no doubt that local girls are materialistic and money-minded. They extremely love spending much money on high-end fashion and luxury products. In my opinion, there are several parties with different personalities.
One group is pure materialist. They have financial ability to buy things that they like and they love luxury products. They may be OL or adults. Another one is mammonist. They may be teenagers or young adults who are still depending on their parents. They don’t have the financial ability to afford the luxury products. Why do they love that kind of things? It is because they are affected by friends, the new trend, even celebrities or pop-stars. They want to have good looking so that they can give people great impression. In order to buy things, they may go to loan from bank or loan-shark. It is a bad and misunderstandable trend in our society nowadays.
Besides, I think that isn’t the best way to build up confidence. It only waste our time and money. If parents educate more positive concepts about spending money, people will not do that. I hope students can reveal the real spirit of consumption.  
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5 Responses to BLOGGING

  1. Li Ho Chun 說道:

    Nowadays, Many teens regard luxury goods as a trend. So, it is understandable for us to see many girls buy new stuff every month when they get the wages. The stuff is not valuable but the brand name is. The artless girls who are fond of buying luxury goods may think that they will have a higher social status when they carry the luxury products. But the thoughts are all wrong and they are all retards.

  2. Chiron 說道:

    Ya, i think u\’re right. girls just care about money now and they just chase for branded goods. they are confident as long as they use this kind of products. actually, i think they\’re lack of self esteem so this must be dealt with. otherwise , the world will be worse.

  3. chan 說道:

    I agree with you . Nowadays , many teenagers love buying luxuries to flaunt in their age gruop. I regard that it is not nessary for youth to have luxures since they are still students. Nevertheless , Hong Kong young people have a wrong values . They think that wearing luxuries can prove their status but it is totally wrong. So as to purchase luxuries , some young girls will do some unmoral proceeding to earn money. In order to ease this kind of climate , i hope that the society, the government should take some action to teach teenagers the right prospect.

  4. Vicki 說道:

    Yes! I agree withe you . Today, many Hongkonger, especially girls, love buying luxuries goods because they always want to show off in front of their classmates. However, showing off is not a good behavior. It not only destroy their friendship with friends but also hurt them.

  5. CanSeeYou 說道:

    5D HO WING HONGOh! I agree withe you. Local girls are materialistic and money-minded. They think that money is very important for them. No money, no life. They want to buy a lot of luxury products to satisfy their desire of buying. Also, this behavior with destroy their friendship with friend because they will think that they are outdated.


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