University student attempted suicide

University Student Attempted Suicide

By Chun Yat Fung, Darren (6A)


This news is  about a boy who is a master in Hong Kong University . Although the new season just beginning ,this guy might not be able to shoulder the pressure. Therefore, he attempted suicide in dormitory. The way was to burn charcoal. Fortunately, some people found that event and stopped him. It’s because the warning system turn on by the smog. He felt unwell and had some remedy in the hospital.


Nowadays, we always hear many problems about the teenager such as school work, emotion and something else. Almost of them have no idea to solve these actually. Therefore ,they attempted suicide lastly. For me, It’s really a foolish behavior .They do not imagine if your parents or families know that bad news, they will get hurt so much. So please think about them before you have this idea. In fact, when we need to face the pressure or the difficulty ,we have many positive ways to relax. For examples, we can listen some classic music , go running and shopping. Also,the most important is talking to your friends or family, they must have some advice for you and encourage you .


All in all , we shouldn’t give up our life easily. In fact, we need to learn how to love our family , friends and ourselves.

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11 Responses to University student attempted suicide

  1. WAI KA 說道:

    I think Darren\’s point is right. It is because suicide is a selfish behavior. Suicide is just make somone\’s parents upset and he left his friends. He thinks that there are no one love him. Actually, he has his family , firends. It must be someone who love him.Also, there are many ways to tackle the problems. If I have problems, I will talk to my friends, parents or my teachers because they can help me to solve the problems. And I can share my feelings to them. I will feel better no matter I have good news or bad news.

  2. Ho ming 說道:

    recently there are more teenagers can\’t affored the stress from their work ,study,family They think there is nobody care or love them ,so they choose to die.However they don\’t think of the feeling of the people who really love them,it is very upset that the world become so worst.I hope the people who want to suicide should think twice before act.

  3. Ngo Yin 說道:

    I agree with Chun Yat Fung. Attempted suicide is not a good method at all. Once u fail,there may bring many bad effects behind. Not only will your parents be affected but also your classmates.Therefore,I would strongly recoomend all of you use a positive way to release pressure

  4. Lily 說道:

    Nowadays,the teenagers have many promble, such as homework, study, friends and family. they do not know that how to solve these problems. I think if they have any problems, they can tell their family member or their teacher. Also, they can share their feeling to their friends. I hope they can solve the problems intelligently.

  5. tommy 說道:

    I agree with you. I think nowadays teengers alway cannot slove problems by themselves. They don’t try to tell the problems to the others hence they will think about it. If the meet any problems that they cannot handle, then they willdo something wrong. So the most effective way to slove the problem is to tell the question to the others.

  6. IcE' 說道:

    Suicide is absolutely a very foolish behavior. Many teenagers always bear a heavy burden and don\’t know how to solve their problems . Even a good education of university student try to suicide. In fact, there are many ways for him to solve his problem and release his pressure such as talking with his family and friends. Finally, I hope people who is suffered a heavy pressure have a positive and effective way to release their pressure.

  7. puiyee 說道:

    Suicide is extremely serious problem.i think everyone should cherish their life.since there is no second chance if you lose your life.on the other hand,parents and teacher should care about the student emotion.if student have peculiarity,parents and teacher must help them immediately.

  8. manfei 說道:

    i feel very disappointed and astonished on what this news talks about ! This prove that Hong Kong students may have many problems in their study and they are not that mature even they become an adult . Althougt i agree that students should find their own way to relax , like chating with friends or shopping , but the more important is that students need to know how lucky that are ! Treasure what we have now is also a good way to have a positive attitude .

  9. FELIX 說道:

    He is very foolish,he give up his life,he give up his family,he give up all people which is love him.he face all difficulty alone,but he choose to escape from this world,he is not brave.i think he should use his brave which is used to suicide to face every tomorrow.

  10. ken 說道:

    ken chan. I think he should not committed suicide. He can find ways to relax. For example , he can listen music and read books. He find someone like teacher to help him . I think they will be willing to help him and provide some currect suggestion.

  11. miuyee 說道:

    As far as I am experienced , most of the students in HONG KONG has to face the pressure which are derived from study , only part of them are capable to find the right way out to release their stress . Honestly , both educationists and parents have responsibility to concern about , they ought to put forward a positive message to them to avoid students from doing wrong .


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