Hospitals to get emergency plan

Hospitals to get emergency plan

By Chiu Tsz Hei , 6a (3)


Nowadays, many accidents happened in the public hospital repeatedly. There was one impressive a lot, which is the tragic death from a heart attack of a man who collapsed meters from a public hospital. His son was told to call 999 instead of being offered on-the-spot treatment just meters from the doors of the hospital.

In my view, although three of Hong Kong’s top health professionals were forced to make embarrassing apologies to the man’s son, it is useless of this case. The man was dead already. He can not rebirth after three representatives’ apologies. I know all staff must be in compliance with the guidelines, but there can be a few changes when the case happened immediately. I think to save peoples’ lives was the most important thing. How did they see someone having a heart attack just meters from the doors, they still followed the guidelines? Why did they not help the man immediately? I think all the staff of the hospital need to train on what to do when someone collapsed nearby. I felt very disappointed to the public hospital. And I felt sorry to hear this kind of upset news.


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5 Responses to Hospitals to get emergency plan

  1. kairi 說道:

    There is always a shortage of nurses in HK public hospital and due to that, one nurse may have to do the workload of 2 to even more. Now, doctors are forced to sign contracts with lower wages. Many doctors drop out of public hospital and open their own clinics. THerefore, there is also a shortage of doctors in HK public hospital too. I understand their situation. However, since they are doctors and nurses and our lives are in their hands, they should do better and be aware of what they are doing.

  2. miuyee 說道:

    By no means should they not to save the patient . This news reflected that the most of the hopital staff did not want to bear the responsibility , they only care their salary but not their duty . Not only may lead to a fatal accident , but they also let all the citizen down .

  3. Unknown 說道:

    After reading you comments , I share the same feeling.This is one of the upset news , the staff following the quidelines , watching a man dying next than them , but they were just caring the duty in the hospital.I do think that is not a very good quideline , because it don\’t let the staff to make their decsion by themself when special case.By stephen wan.

  4. Patricia 說道:

    I feel very sad after hear this news as the patient can be saved if the nurse in the hospital are willing to help.I think they should be changed their working ways if they see someone neesd to give aid immediately in the future,then the efficiency of the nurse and doctor will be improve and so more patient can be saved.

  5. Sunny Wong 說道:

    The staff lack of determination. It\’s the point that caused this accident.More trainnings are needed for the staff.And I think the government should concern this serious case.


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