A Boy Missing at the Beach

A Boy Missing at the Beach

By Juki Chan, 6A (1)

This newspaper is about the divers found the body of a teenager this morning. And the spokesman for the Fire Department confirmed that this 18-year-old boy was the missing person who was missing at Shek O Beach on Sunday morning. 

I think this teenager is really poor. He just celebrates the mid-autumn festival with friends whole night at the Shek O Beach but at the next day he was missing at the beach ant his friends can’t find him. I think we need to be carefully when we are swimming at the beach. Nowadays there are a lot of accidents happened in the beach. Usually is the wave whirling the swimmer out and it may cause a missing accidents. If the swimmers do not want to cause any accidents at the beach. I think the swimmers can tell their family that they will go to the beach. Also the swimmers should swim when the lifeguard is attending. Both of these methods can lower the rate of accident appear at the beach.

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13 Responses to A Boy Missing at the Beach

  1. kairi 說道:

    I think the most important is that if you are not good at swimming, then try not to go too far away from shore and your friends.It was indeed a tragic for him. It was also one for his family. very sad indeed.

  2. yi 說道:

    By Claire Kong , 6A (07)I agree with your view , i think those swimmer should be care of their safety when they are swimming. It is because the huge waves would threaten of your life which is very dangerous.Also, in my opinion if those swimmers who were in an accident or missing , it would not only affect yourself but also your family would live in a shadow of losing the family members . And this shock may affect your family in their whole lives.Therefore, I think we should be responsible to our family not just ourselves.If you don\’t want those tragedy will happen on you, we have to pay attention of your surroundings area ,is that would threat our safety.If yes , we should stay away from that dangerous places.Then , i think it could really help to lower the chance of you to suffer in an accident.

  3. KAZUYI 說道:

    BY STELLA LI, 6A(12)I totally agree with you. You still should not swim too far away although you are good at swimming. Because we cannnot predict what would happen in the sea especially at night. If you find your friend is missing in the sea, the first thing you should not do is jump into the sea and search him/her. You should stay away and search him/her wth your eyes first. As I saw before, there will be something that we cannot predict.I just feel sad that teenager has passed away. However, I think this is a good warning for people to pay attension on swimming.Therefore, you should be careful the things happen around you during your swimmming.

  4. mickey 說道:

    by mickey pang, 6A(20)After reading this new, I think we must be very careful when we are swimming. Besides telling our family that we will go to the beach to play and just swim when the lifeguard is here. We can also remain the people who don’t know how to swim should not go to the beach to swim as it is very dangerous. In addition, we must be very attention to the weather. If the weather is bad, everyone should not go to swim too. These can also reduce the rate of happening accidents.

  5. Cheuk kit 說道:

    After I read this news, I think the boy is quite poor as he died when he was still young.From this news , I think we should be more careful when we go swimming at the beach.Unlike the swimming pool ,we can\’t predict when there is a big wave coming to us.Therefore, you should not swim too far away from the shore if you are not good at swimming .Also, you should not go to the beach to swim if the weather is bad or the beach has been hoisted red flag.

  6. ANSON 說道:

    after I read this news ,I think human life is very weak as we cannnot know what will happen in future.I think that boy never think that he will lose his parents and his lovely friends.I hope the government should take more policies to protect citizen personal safe at the beach.

  7. sik kin 說道:

    after reading this news, i think his friends and he should take the responbilitywhy the boy was died in the water?without playing candles, they also played in the waterthe sea was very dark, and there was no lifeguardthe sea without lifeguard is very dangerso they deserve it

  8. Nicole 說道:

    By Nicole Liu , 6A (14)There are too many tragedies in our lives that we can never avoid it.People should not pratice any dangerous activities in order to avoid regrets.

  9. LEO 說道:

    I am surprised that there were several cases with the same kind of incident these few months. I wonder if some teenagers don\’t care about their lives and the feeling of their parents, still play in the beach and swim in the sea.It is very dangerous if they keep on swimming in worse weather that they might be killed by strong waves or whirls.We should go to beach with friends and should not swim too far from shore.

  10. Peter 說道:

    6B23 PeterAfter reading this news, I think the teenager who suffered in this accident is really poor.Form my point of view, people should aviod playing near the sea or bleach.

  11. ng 說道:

    in my opinion,the teenager is so poor but he has the responsibility in this casethey shouldnt go swimming at night as there were no lifeguardi think the government should spread out the message that people must not swim without any lifeguard in the beach or in swimming poolhope that no one will suffer in any accident anymore6b 16 lok

  12. miuyee 說道:

    Swimming at Shek O Beach is very dangerous since the vigorous waves are always occured there , for my viewpoint , experienced swimmer would also get difficulty when they are swimming there . Swimmer should have to be aware of this , to prepare well and go there with the one who are experienced .

  13. Owen 說道:

    i feel sad about hear this news.But i hope fireman can find him as soon as possible!



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