Drugs Abuse

25 September
Drugs Abuse
Tong Yan Yi
Nowadays ,many Hong Kong teenagers are obsessed with getting drugs which contain lots of harmful substances . So , it is no doubt that teenagers are now addicted? to hard drugs seriously . 
Autually , teenagers all do this as they just wanted to escape from the real world as they get much pressure from their parents high expectation . Therefore , it is necessary for schools and their parents to consider is immense hassle . It is because if we all ignore this vicious problem , teenagers will suffer from serious side effects which not only will affect their school performances but also also will lead to illnesses .?                          
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7 Responses to Drugs Abuse

  1. kairi 說道:

    As the Bus Uncle said "You have pressure. I have pressure". Everyone has pressure. I think it is important to teach the young thah taking drugs isnt the only way to solve problems. They "escape" from it by taking drugs. But in fact, the problems are still here. What they need to do is to "solve" them but not to "escape" from them.

  2. Lhyi's babyت 說道:

    Yes, I totally agree with you. Since I think that many teenagers are deprivation concerned by parents so that they find a number of ways to kill their leisure time and escape their worlds where are noone to company with them.

  3. ELinG 說道:

    By Elaine Ng, 6A (18)I know that many teenagers have pressure from their live. Just like their school work, relationship with family and so on. However, the most important cause is their living conditions. It is because some parents might ignore their children live. It will affect their development in future. So, if their family willing to concern them more, such as those cases will decrease quickly.

  4. miuyee 說道:

    We all know that drug are no good for us , but actually there are some reasons behind this misbehaviour. School and social workers should concern about it . Before tackling this problem . we should know more about wy they do that .

  5. hoiwai 說道:

    Chow hoi wai , 5D(3) I entirely agree with you.Currently,according to some surveys,the drug abusing number of youngsters are surging.In other words,it may disclose that the nuisances which surrond the lads are more than previous years.Moreover,it may not only come from the pressures of school assignments,but also are generated by their parents’ anticipations.Thus,I regard that we should help through recommending some social institutions which can provide numerous efficient methods on reducing the stresses.

  6. 說道:

    by 5A(28)TSANG YI CHINGI extremely agree with you.Drugs are dangerous things.I think that teenagers touch the drugs due to the face that they want to forget unhappy things.But.,they use wrong method.If they want to take off their pressure,they can play some activities or lisetn music,etc.These kinds of event will not make them have some damage.If teenagers are obsessed with getting drugs,they will have physiology damage easily.Also,it will affect their life.

  7. Li Ho Chun 說道:

    I do think that drug abusing can lead to severe consequences which will ruin the teens\’ lives and i absolutely agree with you. The influences of drug abuse can be both mentally and physically. Hence, We( teens, schools, guardians) have to fight against drugs without any hesitation.p.s. The word "Actually" isn\’t it a wrong spelling?



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