A HKU Postgraduate Committed Suicide Out Of Academic Stress

A HKU Postgraduate Committed Suicide Out Of Academic Stress

There was a 24 years old student suicided by burning charcoal last night. He is Hong Kong University Master and his blog showed that he feel confuse about his study problems, he can’t fully adapt the new school life, thus it is deeply believed that he suicide because of his academic problems. After I read this news, I really felt pity and sad about this silly boy .It seems that the suicide problems of younger is more serious than before. Nowadays, parents are spoiled their children, they give their children a stable and luxury life, therefore, when teenagers had a setback, they don’t know how to solve the difficulties, they only try to escape reality by suicide. Thus, I think it is important that parent should talk to their children every day, it is good for parents to understand what their children are thinking about and prevent youths to suicide. Also, schools should hire some professional social workers stay at school and help some students to solve their mental problems, academic problems and so on. Lastly, youths should treasure your life, if you have any problems, you should talk to your parents, teachers or friends immediately!


By Cheung So Mei, Carol (6A)

本篇發表於 S6。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

5 Responses to A HKU Postgraduate Committed Suicide Out Of Academic Stress

  1. Pui Ki 說道:

    I totally agree with you. You have mentioned a good point: many students are not brave enough to face their problems.When they do not know how to solve their problems, they will just evade. This is not a good phenomenon.

  2. Sin Ki 說道:

    by Pang Sin Ki 6A 21There are many people try to escape from facing the difficulties. Most of them commited suicide. This is not a right way to solve the problems. I think the society should concern with this phenomenon, the government should provide more social services and promote more possitive messages to the residence in order to solve those problems.

  3. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    by chin fung 6B 04when i knew this sorrow news, i was upset . And i think he was too impetuous. Hong Kong University Master , a wonderful academic achievements in my heart, was very clever hard-working and really concentrate on his subject . he has closed himself for the study problems which is a really poor ending . i think he can solve these problems by try many times then a life can be save . also AL life is very hard . but i also think so our teacher can help us to solve the studying problems other pressure

  4. Helen 說道:

    It is a pity to hear that a university student attempted suicide because of study pressure.We should know that suicide could not help to solve problems but also make peolpe who stand by us anxious.Therefore, no matter how much difficulty we face, try to think positively.

  5. Ho Yin Harry 說道:

    Tsang ho yin,harry (6B-22)Commiting suicide of course isn\’t a way to slove problem!! There is always someone with us, espeacially Jesus. He gives us support when we are weaken. Maybe I am now a bit out of topic, but I don\’t think problem can be easily sloved by commiting suicide. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.(Philippians 4:13) ".Nomatter what difficulties we are facing, such as HKAL, we shouldn\’t give up!.Poor that man, hope every one of us can learn from this news and treasure our lifes.



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