2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

By Chui Chun Hei, Sonny (6A)

Rio de Janeiro won the 2016 Olympic games auspices. Rio de Janeiro beat four cities which are Chicago, Tokyo and Medrid. Chicago was a biggest opponent in the election because Obama and MJ helped Chicago to promote the proposal. They are the most popular people in the world. They can affect the team to support them. However Rio de Janeiro still won the election. Because south America is first time to host the Olympic games. It is a main point. Moreover Brazilian greatly support Brazil to host the Olympic games. So Rio de Janeiro beat Chicago, Tokyo and Medrid.

I am happy for this news because I like the Brazilian football team. I think Brazil get the 2016 Olympic games auspices. It just like China gets the 2008 Olympic games auspices. Because china is a developing country and it’s becoming more and more powerful and influential, China is able to host the Olympic Game. I think Brazil copy the case of china. I think Brazil will become a powerful country after 2016.

What do think about this?



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2 Responses to 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

  1. kairi 說道:

    For now, everyone will focus on the one held in London, English in 2012. The Bejing Olympic was a great success and the ceremonies were great. Everyone was stunned by how grand the ceremonies were. (although there were voices from other countrie like the State saying that there were frauds and cheats in them, but i think they said that because they were jealous and mean.)Because of the great success of the Beijing Olympic, people expect the one in London in 2012 will be even better.let\’s see how the British Government put this off ^^

  2. Ryan 說道:

    I could not agree more.I also like Brazilian football team.It is disappointed that they lost in Beijing Olympic.Futhermore,I also hope Brazil can get more development and rise their international status ,just like china,after 2016.



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