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Lau Tse Shan  4D
It is disappointing for me to know the news ‘Tears as Drug-shame Pop Star Says Sorry’, as Noriko Sakai’s image is very healthy.  I was shocked when I knew she took drugs.  However, it is brave of her to say sorry to the public.  As a result, we must learn from her that don’t try to abuse drugs!  Since drugs are not good for our health.  I can tell undoubtedly if we take drugs, we must be sent to jail one day. Please remember “No one No repeat”.  It is disgusting after we take drugs.  If anyone has started abusing drugs, he must quit this bad habit quickly .
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One Response to Blog Writing

  1. Andy 說道:

    Andy Hou:i like japanese star,but i was disappoited about that thing and i will know that drug is bad.


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