A heart for the arts

Zhang Jing Wen  4A 35
After  I   read  the  article called ‘A  Heart  for the  Arts’, I  know the  young  man  who  is  called  Gregory  and   really   loves  arts  very  much . He  has  lots  of  interests  all  about  arts  ,  for  example  ,  listening  to  music  , visiting  museums  and  photography .
It  is  meaningful  for  him  to  share  his  photographs  . I  also  like  photographs , but  I  just  have  fun in   it .  I  think  I  should  learn  to  share  like  him .  Gregory  spends  much  time whole -heartedly  in  order  to  develop  arts.  I  believe  he  will  be  successful  one  day . In  the  future , I  will  work as  the  young  man  to  develop  my  interests . Try  my  best !
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2 Responses to A heart for the arts

  1. Yip 說道:

    That\’s great! It\’s important for us to develop our interest for example kite flying, playing the piano, listening to music and so on.Also, It\’s meaningful to share our interest to others, isn\’t it?^,<I hope you will be also successful one day and try yout best!!!!!!

  2. Unknown 說道:

    Good job, i agree with your point. I will learn your writing skills, that is great . BY CHAN YIN



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