Ex-husband Murdered His Wife

Cheng Ka Ho 6B 3

Ex-husband Murdered His Wife


A divorced middle-age woman was stabbed by her ex-husband at her back and her chest because she rejected his request of recovering their relationship. On September 22 at 10:56 p.m., the victim got off the LRT with her colleague at Tuen Mun Affluence LRT Station. Her ex-husband ambushed her and pricked on her back and then her chest with a sharp knife with the length of 8 inch. After that she was suppressed by the knee of her ex-husband, a male nurse who had got off duty and lived in Affluence Garden, heard the shout from the victim’s colleague, and rushed to the LRT station immediately to help to stop bleeding from the wounded by using his shirt. The suspect was caught by the guards and rescue team when he put down the knife and kicked away by the nurse.


The suspect was caught by police and the victim was sent to the Tuen Mun Hospital. Unfortunately, the woman died at around 4 a.m. on 24th September. 


I lived in Affluence Garden and I saw the whole incident when I was doing my Chinese Language and Culture homework. I think the suspect is terrible and he is not a human being according to Confucius’ theory.


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6 Responses to Ex-husband Murdered His Wife

  1. .Hoching 說道:

    it\’s unbelievable to hear that the man is so cold-blooded.The woman is his ex-wife, he used to love her.How come he can do this idiotic stuff.I think we should concern more about the domestic violent case.We should prevent the above case happen again.Also, it will give the teenagers a wrong message.We cannot use violence to solve problems.If we are facing problems, I think the most suitable method is communicating with other instead of killing others.

  2. Ngo Yin 說道:

    But ButI can\’t agree more with Leo.As they are divorced No matter what is wife do,he should not have any actions .And hurting people is not a right thing.After I heard this news ,I think we should be care of making friends

  3. Cheuk kit 說道:

    I think this incident is quite terrible!I cannot believe that the man would hurt the woman he love in this way.I think the man is crazy.In my opinion, one way of recovering the relationship is find a place to sit down and have a talk.Also, this incident give a message that violence can not slove the problem but the problem become worser.

  4. Helen 說道:

    I am sorry to hear this news.The man did it without thinking.Violence may help to release his emotion, but there are no other benefits for him.The consequence of him was being accused of murder.It is very unwise for him to do such things.

  5. 惠嫻 說道:

    Pun Wai Han 6BIt is really unforgettable for you to see this incident. I cannot imagine that the man will do this silly thing. No one will forgive him.Sometimes things cannot be solve by killing others. This is a stupid behavour.

  6. ben 說道:

    Ho Ka Ming 6BHow terrible it is!Why the people are so terrible in Hong Kong?As the man claimed that he want to recover the relationship , why he still killed the innocent woman?I think I need to be more careful when I meet friends in the future. And also, the Government should put more concern about this kind of violence incident . So that we can avoid this kind of incident forever.



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