Drugs in School

Chan Wing Kit 6b (2)

Drugs in School


Nowadays, many secondary school students take drugs. Also, some media expose that 12-year age children (^as young as 12 years old) take drugs. The problem is very serious now. We cannot ignore the issue. I want to write the reasons, effects and how to solve that.

Firstly, the main reason of students taking drugs is that they have a large (^considerable) stress on study because their parents and teachers expect them to get a great assessment (^results) on examination. It leads to that a lot of students feel stressed. For example, my teachers expect that I can get a good assessment (results) in A-Level so I feel very nervous every day. Therefore, some who may not (cannot) face the pressure may take drugs to find happiness.

Also, students who take drugs will become unhealthy because their bodies are destroyed (damaged) by drugs. The drugs will make them not be able to focus on study. They cannot concentrate to learn. They will become addicted to drugs. It will make them lose friends and family. It is very serious for them to survive. (a very serious problem.)

Moreover, students should find some ways like listening (^to) music and playing football to reduce stress. For example, when I read novel, I feel relaxed. It is very simple for everyone to do. Parents should not give too big (much) pressure for students as school. And then students may not take drugs if their parents pay attention to them. The government should fight the source of school drugs and avoid tried (triad) members to enter campus. They should give enough money to social worker to help students who take drugs to leave drugs.

In conclusion, (^the number of) students taking drugs are more and more serious nowadays. Everyone should attend (^to) the problem. We should help them (those) who take drugs so we should encourage them to leave drugs as it is very dangerous for their life. And then Hong Kong has responsibility to solve the problem of campus’ drugs and provide service of leaving drugs for students who take drugs. Also, we do not discriminate the students as it is important and essential for us to help them to leave the drugs.

本篇發表於 S6。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

16 Responses to Drugs in School

  1. 新伍 sam ng 說道:


  2. kairi 說道:

    You\’re right, Sam! so now matter what happen, we just cant go anywhere near them. there must be other ways.

  3. Tsz Fung 說道:

    This is a very serious problem!Indeed,the children take drug not only because of stress of school works, but also the influence by bad friends.But how can they earn the money for buying durg!!? I can\’t find the benefits of taking drugs. Maybe they feel relax during taking drugs, but it causes many side effect…Anyway, I will never try it, since it is a very stupid behavior.

  4. ng 說道:

    yes,i agree that its very seriousas students do not consider drug taking is a big deal,many and many students will tryi do think that the students who take drug is so sillyit hurts our health and it is illegali suggest students talking to their teachers or parents when they have any problem because they love you,they will give you good advice

  5. chun yiu 說道:

    Drug amongst teenagers is being worse .Rmember no drugs . no nightmare . Cherish your life , you can only live once .

  6. LEO 說道:

    I absolutely agree with you!I think the students who take drugs are stupid, as they \’enjoy\’ these narcotics for a short period of excitement but bring long -term damages to their body.I wonder if they still want to take drugs.

  7. Cheuk kit 說道:

    I absoluately agree with you! In my opinion, taking drugs cannot help us to relax but give us many disadvantages such as bad health, poor concentration on lesson and so on.Therefore, I think government, students, parents and teacher should take action to prevent students takeing drugs and save the students who are in the sea of drugs.

  8. Lily 說道:

    I think the student are very stupid who are take drugs. I think take drugs cannot help us to relax, aslo it will damage your health. In, my opinion, I think the government should do more for these student, such as teach them and tell them take drugs is very dangerous.

  9. Ho Yin Harry 說道:

    Yea..Teenagers taking drugs is getting common and it is a serious problem in the society.As a christian, it is quite sad to heard that there are teenagers over drug everyday.We can\’t just sit and see what the government havedone, we should do something for our next generation.Motivating them doing sports, or doing some voluntary works are helpful.But I think we should also know more ahout how they feel, we can\’t just blame them as it may make them to revolt.Moreover i found that there are teenagers smoking on the street.Should we also focus on this problem, not just on they are taking drugs?

  10. Peter 說道:

    Stress on study is not a excuse.There is no reason for people to take drugs.This serious problem in HK have to solve as soon as possible to provide the best environment for student to study and learn.Government and parents are taking the reponsibility.They should put more effort on this issue.Also, as we are senior student in school, this is also a duty for us to care about them.I hope this problem in hk can be solved quickly.

  11. King Fung 說道:

    I agree with chan\’s words. Nowadays students live under pressure. However, it is not reason to take drugs.They can play football or listen music to relax.Taking drugs only damage their health.

  12. sik kin 說道:

    i don\’t think the reason of taking drug is stress on study.and i don\’t believe those drug takers have many stress on study.stress is only an excuse.the reasons of taking are forced by their curious and friends.to solve this serious problem is not just like a piece of cake.but we still have to face this problem

  13. puiyee 說道:

    yes!hk student may be really have too much pressure on study.but is it a reasonable reason to abuse drug?everyone have pressure,include you and me!is it we need to take drug together?of course not!since we have many ways to reduce stress.eg.ken chan said we can read the novel.doing exercise is also a good choice.how to reduce stress is up to you.if you really choose that stupid things,you need to afford the serious results.don\’t be naive!

  14. Tik 說道:

    You are right. The problem is very serious now. I think that goverment should pay attention seriously to the student who is taking drugs. It is because if there are more teenages take drugs , there will be many people to follow.Therefore goverment should take action quickly.

  15. FELIX 說道:

    i think that it may not only 1 reason that lots of children take drug,except stress, it may have more reason,for example,they meet some bad gays to be their friends and want to found some stimulation form those bad guys due to a lack of warm at home they feel,home is axle in their mind of most of poeple,especially for children,home have the greatest power to affect the behavior of children,so that it is important for parent to care their children for pervent their drug abuse.

  16. manfei 說道:

    There are no doubt that the drug problem on teenagers become so intolerable today ! Actually , most of them know that it cause many side- effect if we take drugs ! Not only the physical but also the mentality one .In my opinions , i think the main reason that case teenagers addicted to drugs is they lack of love and care from their family and friends ,they do not know how to vent their stress or problems in some correct way and finally choose the wrong one !That\’s why friend play an very important role on persuade them not to take drugs ! and we should be sensitive to our friends , try to show more care to them if they are in need



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