The cunning tortoise

The cunning tortoise
Wong Hiu Ling  5A  32

It is a funny story which called ‘The cunning tortoise’. It is curious that the little tortoise just need to require the king digging a large pit, cover it with raffia and mats, and place a throne on top. Then, the tortoise can make an elephant surrender his tusks within seven days. Why can the small tortoise do that? It is because the wit tortoise convinces the elephant to accompany him back to the king’s village. However, it is commonly known throughout the land that the king was sick and that is recovery depended entirely on an elephant’s tusk. Therefore, the elephant was met with scenes of jubilation and joy. Naturally, he believed they were celebrating their new king. Unfortunately, it is stupid that his pride had cost him. As a result, the elephant surrender his tusks to the king. So, the king was cured. And the cunning tortoise who had saved the king in the nick of time and plodded off to inspect his new lands.

       In my opinion, I learn about ‘Don’t be pride’ through ‘the cunning tortoise’. It is because if someone is proud of in the way, he will gain the bad lucky in the future like the elephant. Additionally, I think that the tortoise is smart and cunning enough since he plans a pit for the elephant. Nevertheless, we should not dig a pit to hurt each other as gain the benefit. Anyway, ‘The cunning tortoise’ is a meaningful story.

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