Lau Yee Lin  5B  16
Nowadays , mand teenagers have drugs abuse problem . lt is very serious that we
should look at .

  Drug abuse is becoming very commen in this year . Teenagers ever do that thing 
around the school . They think that they will not  have addiction of the drug if they 
only try that once. But ,it is not . The main reason that leads to this situation is that teenagers  
have a chance to touch this .
  This article is about to identify the root cause of drug abuse . The 
government decides to identify students who have addiction of the drug . We should support or
not ? l think we should support that  . lt is because we should stop the 
event . Government should find out all of them and tell them the side effect of drug 
abuse .
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10 Responses to News

  1. CLMSI 說道:

    Yes. May be you are right. However, we should have a private talk with the student who abuse the drugs. If the student take pill and all of the people know that, the student will feel inferior. Worse still, he will afraid to the police and his parents since he violate the law. That is to say, government should not launch the coactive test. Otherwise, the effect will be far-reaching.

  2. Ho Pui 說道:

    Sin Ho PuiYes.I think that you are right.It is because drug abuse is very serious.Some teenagers think that they will not have addiction of the drug.But, they will hurt their teachers and parents when they do that thing. However, I think that the private talk is very useful. It is because it can help them to stop it. Also, the private talk is very popular.

  3. Wai Chiu 說道:

    Actually I think it is right. It is because taking drug is harmful for the teenagers. They have never thought about the negative effect of taking drug and they belittle drug. They do not think they will habituate when they try the drug. This show us nowadays teenagers\’ cerebration is too skin-deep. Although they know it, they still have numerous pretexts for taking drug. They do not think that taking drug can consciously or unconsciously hinder the mental growth of the them. They cannot have illusion that their life can everything goes very smoothly. Everyone need to be a successful people, firstly they need to be weather-beaten. So teenagers should not find some pretexts to take drug again.

  4. wong 說道:

    I think that it is becauce parents don\’t take care their children. So, they will have the chance to have the drug but when they have the problem, parents cry in front of their child. However, it is too late. Thus, parents should teach them What should do and What should not do. They should spend more time to look after their son since familyship is the most important relationship in the world.

  5. Vicki 說道:

    Tam YuenyanMany teenagers are interested in drug and would like to try. I support that the government should help them to stop this .Moreover, the family also is important. Thus, they should care about their children. This can stop they to take pill immediately.

  6. 智華 說道:

    lin chi wa 5A 16Today, many teenagers in Hong Kong are obsessed with drugs, it is a serious problem in Hong Kong. So, I think that parents should concerned about their children and the government should send more resource to help them.

  7. Long Ching 說道:

    At the present day, there are too much temptation at school. There is someone who sell the drugs to collect money. Hense, parents and teachers should put an eye on this event. If we don\’t ease this promptly, that will become more seious gradually.

  8. Kei Kit 說道:

    I agree with you as I think that teenager take drugs because they want to have excited sense. They take drugs because their parents don’t have time to talk with them

  9. Manchi 說道:

    Tam Man Chi 5B 27I think that drug abuse is a serious problems. It is becaues it is bad for our health. Also it is a serious crime. We will go to jall if we take drug. So I think that students should not take drug. Also I think that teachers and parents should help the students who take drug. It is because they can be a useful people if we help them. It is because we should give them a chance to correct themself.

  10. Ka Chun 說道:

    Yiu Ka Chun 5B 36In my view,I think that drugs is a serious problem on nowadays teenagers . Since drugs is addtictive,it will waste parents\’ money and destory our health . Also, it is a serious crime if we carring it . So i think that we should promote no drugs action . Moreover,we should help the teenagers who were taking drugs before,too.


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