Law Cho Yiu  5D  18

The Hong Kong movies is growing again. Recently, Hong Kong people create several kinds of  good films to catch the attention of many Hong Kong people.

Despite the fact that the western film had many special skills , I remember that I loved the Hong Kong movies very much when I was young. In my childhood, my favorite movies star was Steven Chow. Since his comedy was entertaining and humorous. In addition,  he was the expert of the comedy. If I want to watch comedy, I definitely will choose the comedy of Steven Chow. Moreover, I have already watch his latest film which is called CJ7. This film proved that his humor skill have not gotten worst.

All in all, I think that Hong Kong films are hopeful in the future. Maybe Hong Kong movies will get better than the western movies soon. Eventually, I hope that Hong Kong movies have that day.

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7 Responses to News

  1. kairi 說道:

    I really like Steven Chow\’s moives too. But I think his earlier productions are better as there are more things to laugh about. Shaolin Football and also Kungfu are also very good. But for CJ7, I dont think I like it alot. ^^KTChui

  2. chan 說道:

    Yes , you are right. I am also fond of Steven Chow\’s comedy. There is no doubt that he is a talented actor. After watching his movie , you will feel that you release yuor pressure in your daily life. In addition , I also agree that Hong Kong films will have a brilliant future . There is a successful example duing the summer holiday. A local movie , Laughing Gor had a great box office receipts . Therefore, we can see that Hong Kong movies have portential.

  3. wai shun 說道:

    I also loved the Hong Kong movies very much when I was a child. The movies which Steven Chow took part in, were the funniest movies I saw. But now, I am not love HK movie like the past since the content of them is boring. I hope HK movies will become better in the future..

  4. - james 說道:

    I am not totally agree with you ,it is bacause I think hong kong\’s movies become more and more boring. I remember that when i was a kid , honk kong movies is exciting and thilling. Nowadays it can\’t entertain me again. 5D 14 LAU HOI MING

  5. maki 說道:

    yes!!I do think so. Hong Kong movies were greatly successful in the 90\’s. That \’s the time that we were child. I like all the movie at that time. Especially Steven Chow\’s Journey to the west. Actually there were Journey to the west 1and 2. I love that two movies because I think that they were not only humorous but also touching. It was about the love of the monkey king – Son go ku. I think that is creative. That\’s why I love that tow movies.

  6. Ka Nok 說道:

    that\’s true! We both love Steven Chow since being children. And recently i\’ve got a set of story books which called "Twilight". It has been filmed in the early Febrary. I admire of the vampires acting, faces, smiles, etc.. I think i over fall in the tale a little bit. But i won\’t be addicted filming. After watching Harry Potter, i know Robber Pattinson and now i become a fan of him! So western movies are facinating.

  7. Hang wai 說道:

    I agree with you,I think that Hong Kong movies is growing.And the film are more creative.That is a successful growing.Actually I think that chow is a haliarous person.Also,I saw the CJ7 and It is extremely funny.Needless to say,I will support Hong Kong\’film .Chan Hang Wai 5A 02


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