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It is renowned that Hong Kong cinema has a proud history during the 70s,80s and the 90s.  Hong Kong films used to be famous for creative, but it faced a downfall in recent years.

   It is predictable that the future of the Hong Kong local movie industry is gloomy. Though the government has set up a foundation for local movie industry, it would still be uneasy to bring up new talented directors.

   However, there are still many unique features of local Hong Kong movies. For instance, the extraordinary humour – mo lei tau which is known as surreal. It first shown up in Chow Sing-chi’s movies and it has helped him to earn millions of money. Moreover, some mo lei tau homour movies have had huge success in Hollywood too. For example, Chow Sing-Chi’s smug creation Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer.

    Furthermore, there are still many internationally-known actors in Hong Kong.  For instance, Chow Yun-fat is one of them. Chow Yun-fat was born in a poor family in Lamma Island but now he has gained many fans worldwide and he has starred in many Hollywood big busters. In addition, Jakie Chan is also very famous across the world. He is known as an action star and is considered as a guarantee for high profit in movies.

    But can the Hong Kong local movie industry beat the tread of illegal download online? Can the weak industry come to life again? Let’s wait and see.

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4 Responses to News

  1. Vicki 說道:

    During the 70s ,80s and the 90s, Hong Kong had a lot of great films. However, nowadays, you cannot see any great movie because if you watch a movie, you will feel that I have seen this movie before. Yes, you have seen it before because Hong Kong movie makers\’ just copy from others

  2. ChaRles 說道:

    You are right. I think that downloading film with a illegal way is the main reason that cause Hong Kong Film Industry to downfall. Thus, I think that is also a serious hassles The Hong Kong Government to solve as soon as possible! However , there also are some success film produced by Honk Kong director such as INFERNAL AFFAIRS which is very popular in the would till now. So, be hardworking! Hong Kong Film Industry can be a proud of Hong Kong again!Tang Chun Kit

  3. In 說道:

    The affluence of Hong Kong films in the old days was because of the state of art that a international city had, which was a great factor of being so famous in that period of time. With these advanced technology, Hong Kong edited lots of attractive films with better quality that was popular around the world. Nowadays, the region\’s economy is growing so fast that the superiority of Hong Kong is gone. It is obvious that if the industry doesn\’t do anything to improve their quality, the affluence will be gone forever.


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