Earthquake in Japan

But Ngo Yin But But 6B (1)

Earthquake in Japan


Do (Did) you heard (hear) the news about Japan Earthquake recently??? Yes! Japan may have earthquake soon .And the damage it will bring is unpredictable. How terrible it is !!! The relevant authorities have found that earthquake will appear in Tokyo soon and now they teach the people how to protect theirselves (themselves) once earthquake happened. (happens)


Although I have heard that Japan is a place which has earthquake oftenly (often) but this time it is more serious ~ Even (Even though) Japan is a developed country, but natural diseases also cannot be avoided .At this moment, I realised that how small (incapable/weak) humans are .Not only natural disasters but also diseases. H1N1 is now spreading widely over the world. We can only do something to protect ourselves but we can stop its spread.


I heard this (^piece of) news from my friend .Once I heard about that, I was shocked !! Because Tokyo is a good choice for travelling. And there are soooo many people live (living) there. I can’t imagine how many people will suffered (suffer) from this disaster. At that time, I asked a question "Why the government don’t suggest them to move??" Then he asked me a question" If it were happened in HK, will (would) you move??" I said "Of course not. I have to study for my AL". At this moment, I find that how hard working human beings are! Even losing their life is not important???


At last, I would like to make a suggestion to those have a jobs that is not really important (^who have jobs. Working) isn’t the most important, move to other country for a while first. "There are many kinds of job but there is only 1 (one) chance to be alive".

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5 Responses to Earthquake in Japan

  1. kairi 說道:

    Earthquake is one of the dealiest natural disasters. It is true that no matter how advanced our technology is, we just cant beat mother nature. I guess what we can do is to learn how to react when struck by sudden disasters.

  2. IcE' 說道:

    Although Japan is a good country and has many theme parks, brands and delicious food, I am happy that I can have a chance to live in HongKong because it is a safety place we seldom have natural disaster. Also, Hongkong is an international city we can try difficult kinds of food here. At last I hope the earthquake would not bring a big effect.

  3. Patricia 說道:

    I have heard the news that Japan will have a serious earthquake within a few months,this news came as a shock to me and I am a bit worried about the safety of the Japanese as I had recently read a book which tells me about how horrible events would happen on the locals if the earthquake occurred.Also, it\’s such a pity that a lot of tourist spots will be destroyed.

  4. pui shan 說道:

    I belive that earthquake is a terrible thing that it will kill many people when it happen. No one can know when it happen, therefore there ara many products which protect people form the broken houses or avoid houses broken fromthe earthquake in the world. Even though Japan is a dangerous place to live, japanese are still willing to live in japan. As Japan is a place where they born in, emotion of them for Japan is deeper than we think.

  5. KAZUYI 說道:

    I konw that Japan often has earthquakes. Although they often suffer from this, the Japanese Government have already maken a solution to narrow this problem. They have done a lot of things on eduacation for teaching people how to save themselves when earthquakes happen. Therefore, the no. of injured people has drop. Move to another country to live is a good choice but it is not possible for the Japanese to do that because they born in there and grow up in there. Hence, for saving live from earthquakes, the Japanese Government can set up a more clear warning machine to help.6A LI MANG (12)


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