Drug addition problem of teenagers

Ngai Chun Yiu CY 6B

Drug addition problem of teenagers


Drugs addition amongst students is a deteriorating problem in Hong Kong . A large number of students take narcotics, and most of them do not know the bad influence of doing so. Also they claim that they can control theirself (themselves). In the eaasy I attmpt to account for it.
Actually, there are several reasons behind this movement (behaviour) of the students. A question worth asking is, ‘Why do them (they) take drugs? ‘The students want to escape from the real world, to release their pressure which is caused by study (school work) and (^their) peers. Some of them may feel lonely, unhappy and bored, perhaps some receive not enough love from their family. Students would seek help, advice and support from their peers, teachers and social workers but they always fail in it. As a result, they become drug addicts of the problem. Especially, when they face stressful situations like examinations. They always ignore the bad effects of the drugs so they choose drugs as their help.
Taking drugs may lead to lots of negative effects. Ketamine makes them unable to concentrate, narcotics damages their organs like kidneys and respiration system. As a result, their daily life (^is) also be affected. Under no circumstances they become addicts, but they are also involve (involved) in illegal transaction of drugs. Furthermore, they (^are) at risk of getting AIDS from sharing needles. By no means must we neglect this serious problem.
As far as I am concerned, schools have to care more about the students, to notice the (^their) behaviour of them. Social workers ought to look after them, and cooperate with schools to hold lectures to explain the problem of drugs. Immediate measures are needed. One of them is drug test. Such methods may alleviate the problem.
Everyone has (should) cherish their life, not only the teenagers, since (^we) only live once

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3 Responses to Drug addition problem of teenagers

  1. kairi 說道:

    People who take drugs are just silly.There are many students smoking on the streets with their uniform on. So what! they think. Who would be blamed for if students are found smoking or taking drugs? Their parents or their teachers?We should do what we can do. but sometimes, when they are out of our sight, what can we do?There are so many ways to reduce stress. Taking drugs isnt the only way. Dont use "having so much stress" as an excuse to take drugs!It isnt that cool.

  2. Kit 說道:

    Drugs is something that i have never triedHowever, there are lots of samples showing in front of usIt is obvious that taking drugs is an irreversable way in our lifeIt lets our parients , teachers and friends downIt is strongly advised that we should calm down when we are at a lost and find some people to help us solve our problems ,but not taking drugs to gain a little happy period followed by a long horrible life time

  3. tommy 說道:

    I think the government has already done lot to prevent the teenager to drug. Such as the voluntary school-based drug testing scheme, maybe it is not very effective. The main problem is the teenagers do not share the worries to their parents or teacher but friends. Some of their friends try to encourage them try drugs. At last they cannot escape drugs. Also nowadays student get more and more pressure from their study since their parents tell them study is the only way to success. Furthermore the society also gave pressure to the student. That is the more and more teenager drugs. by tommy



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